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Hey Baby Let’s Go to Vegas!
We literally walked a million miles to get to this “Fashion Show” just to find out that the Fashion Show that happens EVERY week wasn’t happening this weekend or next. I was more than disappointed to say the least. 

I did however find a skirt here for 9.99$ at Zara, so I was at least excited about that.
Shopping in Vegas is like a totally different experience. All the top designers you could ever dream about all have stores here. Even just the buildings and the shopping mall structures are incredible. Check out the photo below taken at “The Forum Shops” it looks like a museum or an amazing train station.


The following photos were taken in the “Forum Shops” located just off the Vegas Strip. There are miles and miles of shops, and three floors upon your immediate entrance. Stores like Marc Jacobs, and Ugg greet you as you come in, and at the heart of the building is Gucci, Valentino, and Rolex. Literally all the major designers you can think of.

The sky blue ceiling and the cobblestone flooring lead you to believe you are outside.

I overheard someone else mention that the ceiling here (above) changes all the time. Regardless it was pretty neat because you felt like you were out in the street, but you don’t need a jacket. 

I almost near died when I walked into the Valentino store, so many beautifully designed dresses. Valentino dresses certainly complement a female figure, he just seems to know the female body and how to showcase its every asset. The store was filled with rich reds and snow whites, and the dresses on the manikins showcased the oh so popular tulle flowers.

All I kept saying for the rest of the day was “I can’t believe I held a Valentino Dress in my hands” then I realized I was an idiot for not trying it on. 
Why why didn’t I try it on?!
I think somewhere deep down in my subconscious I probably felt like I wasn’t allowed, but how would they know I couldn’t afford it? Could my running shoes possibly be that obvious? After walking for nine hours straight I think my body just blocked out the idea of undressing and redressing because it knew it just couldn’t cope. 

I held up a Marc Jacobs pink poke-a-dot skirt in my hands that was more expensive than my rent for a month in Halifax. “It’s part of the Resort Collection” the nice lady told me. Clearly she didn’t notice my running shoes. “We have fitting rooms here if you would like to try it on” I kindly declined. I was afraid to ruin it and then be forced to pay for it. I don’t think my debit card even lets me take out more than 500$ a day. 

Photos from along the strip 

Don’t bother spending your life savings at the stores along the strip, there are several outlet shopping centers just outside of the Vegas core. We spent an entire afternoon at the “Premium Outlet Shops” where I scored some sweet sales at Tommy, Converse, and J. Crew. For more information and store listings visit: 

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  • Reply Anonymous February 25, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    I heard that many places in Vegas (casinos, malls) pump oxygen in to keep spenders/shoppers alert and focused.

  • Reply Meg February 25, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    The ceiling! It's like the enchanted ceiling of the Hogwarts grand hall! 😛

  • Reply megologue.com February 25, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    Also, Vegas architecture is nuts.

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