It’s Nice Day for a White Wedding.

Fashion Friday Look of the Day: White

With June comes marriage, wedding season is just around the corner, so all the more reason to wear white. Just kidding, you don’t need wedding bells to wear white. Crisp and sophisticated: white screams luxury. I’m not sure if I’ve been watching too much of Joan Rivers’s “How’d you get so rich?”,  but I’m definitely experiencing a white out. 

In lieu of my extreme nautical obsession, white clothing passes the “can I wear this on a boat?” test. White radiates elegance especially when paired with more white pieces or other tones. Suggestion: marry your white denims with a white ruffled blouse for a romantic look. I’m trying to find the perfect white blazer or white denims, or maybe both so I can wear it all together with a brown or grey belt. 

When it comes to white, be reasonable; don’t wear your white dress to a red wine tasting, or your white jeans to play tackle football. Reserve the white for when you are making the most mimimal amount of contact with (a) the ground or (b) God forbid, the rain. 

To keep your whites white, make sure to wash your white items separately, and a little bleach doesn’t hurt every once in a while. Also, the biggest and most important thing to remember when wearing white: your undergarments. Invest in some nude panties ladies, do it not just for yourself, but for everyone else walking down the street behind your leopard print thong.

White Favorites for Summer

Featured below Beyonce, is sporting white on white, and although these shoulders are out of control, from the side angle it kind of works. In her case the bat wings probably work to balance out her lower half; for most of you out there I would avoid the winged look, and opt for a more realistic shoulder. 

Featured below, J.Crew white denims. I love that they are paired with a tucked in slouchy gray tank. You could also do a blouse and tuck it in, with a belt, or leave it open over a white tank for a more causal look; maybe add a beige fedora if you’re feeling adventurous. 

With the tail of the 70s inspired Spring collections trailing into the summer lines; I’m hoping to see a lot of lace and crochet this summer. Below is a photo borrowed from lookbook; to find out more about lookbook or to post your own go to:

Sometimes I just love being a girl, especially when you can wear white. 
Happy Friday, 

***All the images above where borrowed from Google except the first one which I snagged from this vixen blogger : http://fashionablysocial.net/

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