Highland Village Hike

Recently I went for a little vacation to Cape Breton. We stopped along the countryside and spent the night at Highland Heights Inn. Directly behind the Inn is a non-for-profit historic site: Highland Village. With my little 10 year old cousin as a tour guide I was sure to have a memorable experience.

Below are some photos from our hike up the hill and into the past. The people at Highland Village were so friendly and knowledgeable I really feel like I learned a lot about what life was like back then! If you’re at all interested in history and I don’t mean books then this is the place for you.

Isn’t his little tail and big ears just the cutest? I won’t tell you what happens to him at the end of the summer. *gulp* glad I don’t eat pork 🙁 poor guy.
What adventures do you have planned this summer? I’m looking for inspiration, so I’d love to hear em!
Hope you are having an amazing summer blog reader! 
Much love

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