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For a friend’s birthday we gathered at Happy Sushi for lunch. I’ve never really done sushi pre-8pm before, but in the name of birthdays and sushi: I’ll pretty much do anything. What’s interesting about Happy Sushi (located in Clayton Park), is that it is all-you-can-eat sushi. Yes that’s right people bring your pregnant pants and your eating sweaters because you’ll need them. 

“$13.99 lunch buffet has almost 100 options, while the $21.99 diner menu features 150 selections. Both run Monday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the price goes up a buck respectively” – The Coast

Included in the all-you-can-eat-sushi is miso soup and green tea ice cream: yum. We pretty much ordered every kind possible, but be careful not to pick too many because you will get charged for what you don’t eat. You can always place an order and then if it’s not enough you can place another so you don’t waste the precious sushi. 

Some of the options were interesting, the ones drizzled with mayo sort of weirded me out, but to be fair I’m not a mayo person. I really liked the ones with avocado on the outside, and I thought they looked beautiful. I’d like to attempt to make those sometime, but getting the avocado that thin might be tricky. 

I wouldn’t say this was the best sushi in the world, but if you like variety and simplicity this place is for you. Not that I condone all-you-can-eat binges, but I think that if you are going out with a group of people especially ones who’ve never tried sushi, this place might be a good start. 

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Happy Thursday, 

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    Charged for what you don't eat? That's clever.

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