Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always adored nice
things; like Valentino “I just can’t help that I like pretty things”.  Honestly I’m pretty sure I came out of the
womb this way. Whether I was getting ready for school, or going to church, or
just playing at home with my Barbie dolls: I always wanted to dress up. It is rather unfortunate about that couch though right?


When ever we were going somewhere my mother used to tease me
and say: “come one Zsa Zsa, let’s go”, as in Zsa Zsa Gabor which if you’re not
familiar was a famous socialite and actress most known for her role in Moulin
Rouge in 1952.  Skimming through old childhood photos it would not be uncommon to find photos of me in star shaped sunnies, pretend high heels, and multiple necklaces. I’m sure my mother who
is a natural beauty and arguably a bit of tomboy growing up, had no idea what
to do with such a child.
When I think back to going to kindergarten I’m quite certain
that if you asked me what my favorite part of going to “school” was I would
most certainly say playing dress up. I adored playing with all the clothes, and
pretending to play different parts. I specifically remember loving Glenda the
good witch from the Wizard of Oz, and wanting to be her when I grew up. Because
being a good witch was of course a plausible career choice in my four year mind.
When I was a little older (say around 7 or 8) my aunt owned
a modeling school, and I remember going there sometimes with my cousin while
her mum had to work. While no one was around I remember us pretending to strut
our wee little selves down the runway hands on hips and lips pursed.  We thought we were all that. My aunt had the
most amazing closet, and still does to this day. She always had the most sparkly
dresses, and fur coats of every length (it was the 80s remember). I remember thinking that I couldn’t
wait to grow up, so I could wear all those gorgeous dresses and fancy jewels. I
swear sometimes I must have been an heiress or socialite in a past life because
I’ve always been drawn to anything glamorous.
When I was old enough to earn an allowance, I would buy fashion magazines, nail polish, and I would
even try DIY facemasks with raw egg whites. I may or may not have tried out different makeup looks
and/or hairstyles on my little sister (and I may or may not have given her a few
“hair cuts” in my day).
Fast forward to being an “adult” when I’ve only recently realized the extent of my passion for style and fashion.
But in all honesty how did I not see it coming? I mean my sister and I used to
frantically sketch out clothing designs and between the two of us we have binders and binders full of sketches of dresses, skirts, and jackets you name it! I bet if I dug those
images out of my moms basement I’d probably have some pretty descent material in
there! Note to self: dig those out.
In all honesty when I look back at photos of me as a child I
feel like I’m still that chubby cheeked little girl. I’m still that little goof ball
that loves dressing up, and is not afraid of being silly.  Whether I’m dancing, blogging, or writing I
feel truly blessed to be able to do what I do. I’m not going to dispel that
fact that I work really hard because I do, but I love what I do! 
How did you become interested in fashion blog reader?
x Short Presents
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