Cafe Aroma Latino

After picking up some yogurt and olives from the Mid East Food Centre, I popped over to Cafe Aroma Latino for a cup of Joe.
I was in a bit of hurry since my arms were falling off from the weight of my purchases, so I didn’t get a huge chance to get a feel for the place. However, they live up to their title because when I walked in I got a wiff of something that smelled AMAZING. I don’t know what they were cooking up in there, but wow it smelled good. 

I’m going to make a note to return to this little spot on the weekend sometime. Located just across from the Mid East Food Centre I think I’ll be frequenting this spot a lot while doing some routine olive shopping. 

Cafe Aroma Latino’s owner Claudia Pinto cooks authentic Guatemalan dishes like her deep-fried tacos to cornmeal chuchitos and tamales. Aroma Latino also sells Latin American juices, spices, chiles, snacks and flours. Pinto imports fair trade coffee and roasts it on site. – The Coast.

Cafe Aroma Latino 
780 North Street, 
B3K 1N7 

PS: the coffee was truly amazing. 

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  • Reply styleonthecouch May 28, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    I love a good coffee shop recommendation. In NYC I found "MUD" which serves the best "mug o' mug" coffee in the mornings. I could become quite an addict, so I need to limit my visits…


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