Pike Place Roast

Never underestimate the potential of a good cup of coffee

The alarm clock gradually gets louder and and louder until I am regaining consciousness. I hit the button in a sleep induced stupor; I look at the clock: 5:45. I have to leave for work in a half hour. I have just enough time to slip into my scrubs, wrap an elastic around my hair, and dust my cheeks with blush. Working at the hospital requires a lot of energy and the blush helps to bring cheer to a sleepy face. There are days I know I wouldn’t have made it without that cup of coffee; working doubles at the hospital can make you see double. 

Pike Place Roast 

Starbucks recently introduced a new blend of coffee in the states with less calories and costs less money. Sounds too good to be true right? Don’t be fooled into thinking your coffee has to be expensive in order for it to taste good. I truly like the Pike Place Roast, and while I was travelling in California this bad boy saved many a day. I’m not sure if this coffee is available in Halifax yet, or if they are still only serving their house blend, but keep your ear to the ground, and your nose to grind for this new coffee. 

Most people who drink coffee on a regular basis, don’t necessarily step outside of their “usual” cup of joe. We coffee drinkers tend to find something we like and stick to it; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?. McDonald’s is capitalizing on this idea in their recent commercials filled with old couples doing crosswords in attempt to yet again dominate consumers. Like conquering French fries wasn’t enough now they are all over the coffee beans too. Offering free coffees just to get people to “try” their coffee is very clever . As much as I disagree with McDonald Cooperation world domination, I do, however agree that we should keep an open mind and try new things. 

I personally liked the Pike Place Roast, this coffee is quite flavorful, and slightly cheaper than their house blend so why not give it a go?


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