On Thursdays I like to lead you into the weekend with at least one restaurant review, so you know where to head for a delicious meal. Recently I visited Chabaa, a great Thai restaurant that is tucked away just up from Spring Garden (Halifax). 

Pad Thai (Chicken)

Spring Garden is the home to many restaurants from Greek to Italian cuisine and it’s often many hungry people’s go-to place for conventional grub. But! I would urge you to step just off Spring Garden and up a block from Queen Street to Chabaa. 

Chabaa is very open, the large windows that occupy the entire length of the restaurant allow you look out onto the street. If you are familiar with the weather currently in Halifax you know that looking out, makes you happy that you are eating in. 

With almost all tables occupied Chabaa was very lively, but we didn’t have to wait to get a table; we were seated almost immediately. The tables were big and the chairs comfortable.

Great atmosphere and really reasonable prices 10-15$ an entree. Chabaa is also wheel-chair accessible, so there is no excuses for not trying it out. 

When I asked around for a place to go someone suggested this restaurant and I couldn’t place where it was, but when I saw it I realized that I’d wanted to try it out for quite some time now. Although I was told to have the promising “Ginger Chicken” I wanted some noodles, so I ordered the “Spicy Noodle Dish”. 

Spicy Noodle (Prawn)

Remember when we discussed Japanese food, and how it was just as visually pleasing as it was delicious; well Thai food is kind of the opposite. It kind of looks like a hot mess, but it actually tastes amazing! The plate above includes eggplant, bamboo shoots, eggs, prawns, and rice noodles all tossed in a fiery sauce that packs a spicy punch. I would go back again, and actually writing this right now makes me want to go down and place another order. 

Chabaa Thai Restaurant 

1546 Queen, Halifax, NS B3J 2H8

They also do take-out (just sayin’)

Chabba might be an instant favorite. 

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  • Reply Anonymous March 3, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Looks good but, Baai Thai is the bee's knees!

  • Reply Corrine/Frock And Roll March 3, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Y-U-M! I *love* Thai food, and this restaurant looks absolutely DELICIOUS!

  • Reply styleonthecouch March 3, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    Yummy pad thai! Thai is one of the cusine's I haven't sampled in NYC yet, so this has reminded me to find somewhere…


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