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Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. When you get a whiff of something whether it be cookies, or french toast you’re instantly transport back somewhere else.

Not to put a lot of pressure on you, but there’s a lot to be said about the fragrance you choose, and each scent smells different on every person. 

Recently I had the opportunity to test drive Elizabeth Arden’s new scent “Untold Absolu“.  Every woman around the world is thriving in her
life’s journey with a story waiting to be shared or kept. Inspired by
the modern woman, UNTOLD Absolu is the second addition to the UNTOLD family.
I wanted UNTOLD to be a harmonious balance of the many facets of a
woman, which, for me, is the source of genuine beauty. I imagined her
sometimes adventurous, sometimes romantic, yet always equally confident.
In creating UNTOLD ABSOLU I wanted to explore the more sensual side of
her. I chose a deep ambery essence as the starting point to build this
new story
”. — Clement Gavarry, Perfumer
The UNTOLD woman is beautiful and sophisticated, daring and sexy, vibrant and intelligent, elegant and mysterious. Who doesn’t want to be all that?

Fragrance notes:  
Olfactive Classification: Glamorous Oriental 
Top: Red Plum, Ginger Extract LMR, Black Raspberry, Italian Bergamot
Mid: Egyptian Jasmine Absolute LMR, Rose Water Essential LMR, French Narcissus Absolute LMR
Base: Brazilian Tonka Absolute, Cashmere Woods, Tahitian Vanilla Bourbon Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid 
Fragrance Notes by Facets: Like UNTOLD, each note of this
fragrance captures a dimension of the UNTOLD woman. Two new facets,
Glamorous and Captivating, were introduced to UNTOLD ABSOLU.
Glamorous: Bursts of Black Raspberry and Italian Bergamot capture her elegant presence.

Captivating: Intoxicating fruity accents of Red Plum and bright Ginger LMR* convey her magnetic allure.

Refined: Luxurious floral
brushstrokes of Jasmine Egypt Absolute LMR1 and French Narcissus
Absolute LMR* mirror her natural sophistication.

Mysterious: Sultry textures of Tahitian Vanilla Bourbon Absolute and deep Benzoin linger on the skin like her warm aura.

Sensual: Enveloping Cashmere Woods and rich, Brazilian Tonka Absolute echo her irresistible personality.
I’m usually very picky when it comes
to fragrances, but I really liked this one. It definitely has an air of
elegance and sophistication, but there is also something sulty and
sweet that lingers in it too. There’s almost like a vanilla after scent
(which is a a favorite scent among men just sayin’) that I really like. 
Can we for a second just appreciate the bottle? I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff! I realize that it has nothing to do with the smell, but doesn’t it just beg to be on display? I mean what are fragrances for other than to elevate the your bathroom shelf or dressing table ? 
If you’re looking for a sexy sulty gift for your significant other (who has everything) I would totally suggest this fragrance. It’s really quite lovely. To learn more about this fragrance pop over to Elizabeth Arden, or click here.
Happy Shopping Blog Readers! 
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    nice 🙂

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