To Do Tuesday: Skate the Oval

(Hot apple cider recipe below)
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Looking for something to do this week? Trying to keep that new years resolution? why not test out the Halifax Oval! Did you know you can burn over 300 calories in just a half hour of skating? Located at the Halifax commons all you need is plenty of warm winter attire, and your drivers license to borrow a pair of skates. Of course I decided to go when it was minus a million degrees outside, but I was determined. I had to see what all the fuss was about and it was the only time my schedule would allow it. 

Waiting in line I think I started losing feeling in my feet well before I got on the ice. If you have your own skates I’d suggest brining them since the line ups are quite long so dress warm.

Despite the weather there were surprisingly still plenty of people lacing up. Some more ambitious than others “I’m just doing one lap and that’s it! so I can say I skated on the oval” says one lady while her husband laces up her skates. Hopefully you are slightly more ambitious, and give it a few rounds.

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Overall I was pretty impressed with the ice, there were a few bumps here and there, but for the most part it was quite smooth.

Because the oval is located outside the schedule changes daily, so if you go one Monday don’ count on going again at the same time next week. The schedule is update every morning at 6AM, so give it a look before you bundle up. For more information check out the skatehrm.ca and the calender of events click here

photo credit: aldenteblog.com

When you are finished skating and your cheeks are nice and rosey warm up with come hot apple cider. Simply heat unsweetened apple juice in a sauce pan with two cinnamon sticks, and bring to a boil 🙂

suck it up, and bundle up, to lace up and skate the oval, then warm up with some hot apple cider.

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