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With the scorching sun shining with its brights on you might find yourself ducking for cover or trying to sneak into a public fountain to plunge your face into the disgusting penny filled water. Okay maybe it’s less dramatic if you’re not living somewhere tropical, but you’re probably finding yourself drinking a lot more than usual.

In summer we are more active, and the heat can make us sweat and as a result we get thirstier than Joan Rivers at a costume jewelry sale and so when you do grab a cold one try to keep in mind the sugar content.

Sugar is a sneaky little substance and it shows up in some of the weirdest places. The whole point of having a drink is to replenish you body and sugar will do just the opposite, as it will invariably dehydrate you and leave you with an awful sugar crash or even worse a headache. No one wants headaches when they want to be hitting the beach!

Skip the sodas, vitamin waters and go straight for some actual water next time.  Don’t think that because you’re drinking diet soda, or sugar free vitamin water that it’s any better. Aspartame has been link to so many issues especially memory loss, and actual weight gain particularly in your mid section.

If you’re one of those people who struggles with drinking water try adding a squirt of lemon or toss some fresh fruit into your water. I love adding lime and cucumber slices to my water: it’s so refreshing with just a hint of flavour! super yum right? You could even try mineral water, or low sodium club soda if you’re looking for something a little bubbly.

The more you know!
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