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Fashion Friday

Recently spotted at micmac mall, a hot new fashion accessory; It’s clutched between the hands of many, young and old alike. The line up to get this steamy item often times extend down the hallway, forcing employees to yell at customers to organize cohesion. 

No they are not in line to get the latest leather gloves, or handbag; these fashionista’s are sporting a Starbucks cup. I don’t know how this has happened, but somehow lugging coffee while shopping seems to go hand and hand. 

Now fashion hopefuls, you can get a work out too because Starbucks just launched The Trenta. A 31 oz cup of iced coffee, iced tea or lemonade now available for purchase at Starbucks in many States in the US.Ranging anywhere from 90 cals to well over 200Let’s put this into perspective 31ounces is equivalent to 916 mL which is more than the average stomach can actually hold at one time (900ml). 

Before you gulf down this tractor of a beverage have a look at the nutritional information, and weigh your options. Now don’t get me wrong while I’m out shopping I love my Skinny Vanilla Latte as much as the next guy, but let’s not forget to properly hydrate after okay. Proper hydration will help keep your skin glowing and prevent premature wrinkles. Your skin can be your best accessory or your worst enemy if you don’t take care of itBalance the sugary caffeinated drinks or opt for water instead. With pale pastels pushing their way into stores you’ll want to put your freshest face forward. 

Favorite Fresh Faces

Karlie Kloss
source: thegloss.com
Carey Mulligan
Leighton Meester
source: blogs.glam

Sugar and caffeine are among the number one foods that contribute to aging your body both inside and outside, so let’s keep them at a reasonable level. Also coming down from the ‘Trenta’ that might be more difficult to swallow than trying to graceful get out of a tractor in a mini skirt.    


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  • Reply Lydia January 22, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Lol, good tips Kayla! I personally would never buy the 'trenta' – "one tall skinny caramel mochiato, extra hot please"!

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