We’re Off To See The Wizard

They say that how you ring in the new year is how you will spend it. Well today I am off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz.
Maybe he’ll give me a heart, a brain, and courage I sure could use each of those in the year to come. If what they say is true I should be living the dream this 2011: full of theater, costumes and fancy. Sounds good to me. Maybe I’ll sneak in a good meal, some good wine and good looking man: just to ensure my odds for the coming year.

Little black dress: 40 dollars (H&M)
New gray Jacket: 198 dollars (Jacob)
New pearl necklace: Expensive
A fantastic night planned with a handsome boy: priceless

Gotta run! I should be getting dressed, so enjoy yourselves tonight, and be safe. 

Happy New Year

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