Wang’s Grand Chinese Restaurant

Located between South Park Street and Brenton; you will have to make it past the mud created by construction to get to this restaurant. Nestled in behind a chain link fence we enter in the side door, and follow the stairs down to a table located next to a warm fireplace. It’s quiet, until a crowd of priests walk in, and as they wait for a table they try to conjure up the 7 deadly sins; collectively they can’t.

We peruse the menu and decide on fried wantons, and spring rolls for appetizers. The waitress is friendly and talkative as we decide what to order from the drink menu. We order a glass of the house wine and eaves drop on the party behind us.

The deep fried wantons are very light and crispy, and to my surprise filled with shrimp unlike the typical pork filling which I typically eat around: very tasty. We liked the spring rolls as well, they were the perfect size, so we didn’t struggle to eat them without making a mess as we often do.

When our mains (lemon chicken, and Kung Po Chicken) arrive they look delicious; the food is elegantly placed on the plate. However, mine is cold, I try to avoid it, but disappointed it needs to be returned. My sister’s Kung Po chicken is as hot as the fire we are seated next to, so I try her’s while I wait for mine to return. Filled with plenty of veg the Kung Po Chicken is both sweet and spicy.

If you are looking for the cheap greasy Chinese food that we’ve all become accustomed to then this is not the place for you. The party that sat behind us on Tuesday evening discussed the escalated price of the combo plates, and asked what else came with it. If you are looking for quantity over quality then you will be disappointed; the food is fresh, and well made, and therefore a bit more pricey at about 13 a plate. I’ve been told they only use fresh produce, and they import food all the way from China, so May Wang and Chef Peter Wan are the real deal. They are just getting started, and I think they are still working out some kinks, so I’d give it a go.

Delivery is also available.
Check out Wang’s menu

-miss kayla

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    Ooh, I'll have to check this place out 🙂

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