Sushi Sinatra Saturday

Do it Yourself Sushi

We love sushi, and would probably eat it every day and never grow tired. Going out for sushi requires getting dressed and can get expensive; it is surprising how exponentially cheaper to make it yourself AND it is way more fun! We probably make it at least once a week and you can too with this video and these helpful shortcuts.

I taught myself how to make sushi, oh the internet how you have changed my life; knowledge is power my friends. It all started when by some twist of fate I had a free afternoon, and naturally I needed to fill it. I decided I was going to attempt to make sushi, so I took a bus home from class and went to the Taishan Asian Grocery on Quinpool Road. I watched this video on how to make vegetarian sushi , did a trial run, and I haven’t looked back since. The woman in the video speaks really slow, but if you can get passed that, her suggestions are super easy to follow. She also provides a transcript of the video, I printed it and I’ve been using these measurements ever since.

When it comes to the Sushi Nami menu I will pretty much try anything it has to offer, but because I was making it myself, I wasn’t sure what the rules were about raw fish. I decided to play it safe and made the avocado and cucumber rolls and opted for avoiding the risk of ralphing my guts up. Now, I am fearless I will try anything, and you can too with this super easy video and these helpful tips.

This recipe is easily adaptable, as you can easily alter the fillings just put them down the center of your rice the same as suggested in the video. Our favorites are spicy shrimp (Bento spicy sauce, shrimp, and cucumber) California rolls (cucumber, avocado, and imitation crab) and sweet potato (directions see below).

mac&short’s sushi must haves:
  • various Frank Sinatra albums/ iPhone will do (sets the mood)
  • sushi mat
  • nori sheets (put unused in a ziploc bag)
  • sushi rice
  • rice vinegar (is different than regular)
  • fillings (you build your own adventure)
  • sharp knife
  • A rice cooker is ideal (I love that little contraption), but it’s not necessary.
  • Bento spicy sauce is super yum (avail at superstore near the prepared sushi)
Sweet potato Sushi directions:
  • wash and peel the sp
  • using the veg-peeler shave off thin slices of sp –
  • place sp in a bowl season with s&p
  • add canola oil to a large frying pan over medium heat
  • cook the thin strips of sp until soft (or desired texture)
  • add to sushi as previously directed (include a lot of sp because it does pack down quite a bit when rolling.

For an added kick, mac likes to mix soy sauce with the rice vinegar for dipping sushi into; I was skeptical, but it’s actually quite good. Don’t just plunge them into the sauce though, because then soy sauce is all you are going to taste completely destroying everything you just worked towards creating.

More on sushi to come… sushi sinatra saturday to be continued…

miss kayla

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