Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

 The weather outside is frightful and the roads are blanketed in white I scurry into my apartment rosy cheeked and wet. The only thing I want to do is climb into some cozy pajamas, wrap myself up in the thickest blanket I can find and then slip into a pair of warm slippers. 

I usually take quite some time to thaw out, and the only thing that usually helps is a warm bowl of soup. Below is a photo of one of my favorite ready made soups from the blue menu line from the superstore. This one is roasted red pepper and tomato, and is a lot lower in sodium than most ready made soups. I jazz it up with some Parmesan cheese and cilantro and then serve it with bread that I purchase at Estia with a little spritz of olive oil. It’s great when you need to warm up quick, and don’t want to retain water for three days 🙂

You really do need to watch your sodium intake, and not just what you do with the salt shaker. Sodium shows up in even the sneakest of places; in bread, soups, even Gatorade. Did you know that it takes three days for your body to recover after eating something salty? That means you’ll feel like your pants are snug, and you’ll down your water bottle to no avail. With a little bit of soup smarts you can enjoy the convience of ready made soups, and still fit into your outfit for the party later. So when we are in a hurry, and don’t have the time to blanch tomatoes to make our own soup just try grabbing one of the blue menu ones off the shelf and take a peek at its sodium content. The tomato one is I believe around 150ish, so it’s less than a peice of bread; not bad.  

Above the tomato soup is sprinkled with pepper, cilantro, and parmesean cheese, I usually buy bread from the Greek Resto Estia and cut it into slices, freeze and pop it into the toaster for times like these 🙂 super yum

Bon Appétit

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