I work in food and nutrition services at the hospital, and anyone who works in the food industry knows that it is highly unsanitary to wear nail polish when you are handling/preparing food. Since I am on vacation (did I say that already?) I can FINALLY wear nail polish again, and I am SO excited. I went to the drug store the other day to scour my options, and was overjoyed at the possibilities.

Instead opting for the typical red I decided on a nice rich hunter green, and I have to say I really liked the change. In some lights it almost looked a little black which I felt was kind of gothic, but I was into it. 

Other nail color options for the holiday season that I love are shades like cranberry,  blackberry, midnight blues, teals and dark purple. Stay away from pastels and baby colors, if it reminds you of the easter bunny abadon ship, and opt for jewel tones instead. I love nail polish that sparkles too, but just be careful to make sure the rest of your accessories are not the same color. You dont want to look like a disco ball or a Christmas tree as my great grandmother used to say.

When applying nail color remember to use the washroom first; I don’t know what it is about nail color, but every single time I put it on my finger nails it’s like I instantly need to use the restroom. I think it’s because I know that I can’t, so I feel like I need to exercise my own free will or something? In any case I always forget, but maybe there’s hope for you and this will remind me I mean you.

Below I’ve compiled the PERFECT line up of holiday colors for you! 

I’m usually not the type of person to wear lipstick. My lips are quite small and quite pink making it very difficult to put any color on top of them. I did learn a little trick though to help pick out lip gloss and lip color. If you take your thumb and press it into your finger (like you would if you were testing your blood sugar). The color that your finger turns from the pressure is the color of your lips, so a good rule of thumb is to take the tester, apply it to your finger to see if it is an appropriate shade. I know that the color of my lips is slightly darker so I can’t wear beige or taupe lip color, but I can do brighter pinks and darker reds because they cover quite nicely.

When applying lip color remember to take your time, start with the edges and work your way into the center, you could even use a liner if you want, but I usually avoid it because I have a hard time matching them. Once you’ve applied take a Kleenex and blot, and then re-apply: this will help keep it in place. I also use a small brush and dust on powder to outline and avoid bleeding. The most important thing to remember is that sometimes your lipstick gets adventurous, so make sure it doesn’t decide to jump ship onto your teeth.

Recently I was attending a party and I got the urge to wear red lipstick. I was wearing a black lace dress (as seen above), and I wanted to brighten up my face. I knew I wanted a darker shade because I felt it was more suitable for a formal event. Bright red is fun for going out, but I don’t think it has a place at a formal dinner. Below I’ve pulled some moody lipstick shades for you to browse.

While we are on the topic of the party, I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I’m obsessed with food.  I realized this when I received an odd stare at an office party when I was taking a picture of my salad. Usually I eat with the same people and they’ve accepted my food obsession years ago. I totally forgot that regular people don’t photograph their food, but I can’t help it. I love food, it’s all I talk about and sometimes I even dream about it, but oh what a lovely time of year to be in love with food.

Hope you found this post helpful blog reader!


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    I always take pictures of food too 😛

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