Tea Time

Rach breaks down the difference between loose and bagged teas, and also which ones are her fav. I am tea obsessed as well; I literally have an entire cupboard designated just for tea and it doesn’t even hold all of my tea.

Unfortunately if you live in Halifax you probably aren’t going to get these brands of teas that Rach mentions, BUT David’s Tea locations Halifax Shopping Centre and on Spring Garden have dozens and dozens of delicious kinds for you to try. I literally smell like EVERY one they sell when I go there. This summer they had a promotion where if you bought their travel mug you could get tea for just a dollar EVERYDAY.

Winter is bloody cold, and sometimes after waiting for a bus, and walking home I’m just too cold to function. When I’m cold to my bones like that, there is nothing other than a cup of hot tea and a bath that can cure me. My advice when choosing teas is to talk to the people selling them, and tell that what you are looking for (sweet/bitter/specific health benefits etc). I personally love black and green teas, but seldom like fruity teas because I find them too sweet. They are nice to have for a treat sometimes.

My only suggestions for green tea is to not mix it with milk, and it’s not because you’ll make me puke, but because it actually cancels out the good properties, and we don’t want that. Also try not to dose it in sugar because really that makes it just as bad as candy. Also be careful not to drink too much because you can actually deplete your iron absorption, and no one wants osteoporosis, so take those multivitamins ladies.

Happy Tea Drinking Blog Readers,

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    We need green teA!

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