START THE CAR!!!!!! As I’m sure you’re well aware Ikea announced its coast-to-coast expansion would include opening a full size store right here in Halifax, and I had a chance to see it all unfold. Catch a glimpse of the beautiful set up from this mornings press announcement, and whats in-store for the Halifax Store.

Originally we all thought we were getting an Ikea depot where we could pick up items ordered online, and avoid shipping costs. Which we were all pretty excited about, but when I opened my pamphlet at the press announcement to read “Ikea Canada Announces Full Size Store in Halifax” I was quite literally over the moon.  From a full showroom, to inspire ideas, to the restaurant with your beloved frozen yogurt and meatballs, the Ikea store in Halifax will be everything you’re used to from the Ikea you love and more.
The plans to expand the Ikea Stores to the East Coast was highly requested (they definitely heard you), and certainly on their radar.  When asked about the timing, Ikea Canada president Stefan Sjostrand suggested they planned on expanding coast-to-coast and Halifax seemed like the perfect fit for many reasons. I mean, we do have three major universities, and a very youthful demographic who moves around a lot, so I can’t imagine that Ikea wouldn’t do well.

Located at Dartmouth Crossing, the store will take roughly 14-16 months to complete once the ground is broken in summer 2016. The store will be approximately 328,000 feet in size, and they expect to hire as many as 500 jobs. This is without a question big for Halifax, and big for the Halifax economy. 
Sjostrand also made mention that the Halifax store will be the most sustainable in Canada (YAY).  

“With a particular focus on energy efficiency and waste avoidance the key features of the building will include a rooftop solar photovoltatic installation to provide electricity to the store, geothermal energy generation system to support heating and cooling equipment will be installed to maximize material recycling and diversion from landfill, a free take-back service will be offered for household batteries and light bulbs to ensure hazardous materials contained are recycled responsibly”.  

From bus routes that go directly out to the store to bike paths, Ikea wants to make your shopping experience as easy and effortless as possible. Sjostrand understands not everyone has, or wants access to a personal vehicle (hey students listen up), so you can simply order your items in store, and have them delivered to your apartment, residence, or home etc.
To ensure they are custom tailoring the items in their store to the needs of the people of Halifax and the surrounding area, Ikea will do 100 home visits to connect with the people living here in order to get to know their needs.  Sjostrand suggests they are committed to ensuring they are working towards improving the everyday life at home with their items they choose for all their stores, and certainly will do the same for Halifax.  Um can I have a visit? How do I get on this list? And maybe a new desk for my home office too?
Jokes aside, to say we’re excited about this announment is an understatement! We’re really looking forward to the creation of jobs, the donations to the city, and from lighting to storage ideas we’re looking forward to the ease of finding solutions for our homes, and/or offices. Oh and the meatballs of course. Man those meatballs are good.

Hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes, and keep your eyes peeled for more details on this exciting expansion. 


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