Pete’s Frootique and Sundays in Italy

The Sandwich

Olives, tomatoes, marinated artichokes, small sliver of smoked apple wood cheese, on lightly toasted baguette make this lunch a win. With the oil from the marinated artichokes, and full bodied flavors of the cheese and olives there’s no need for mayo (ew). I’m semi-vegetarian, but you could pork up your sandwich with some thin slices of prosciutto. Play around with different breads and cheeses too. Don’t forget your spicy pepper medley (more on that later).

During the summer I was working downtown, and a coworker and I frequented Pete’s Frootique quite a bit. Petey Frootiti as we like to call him specializes in fresh locally grown products combined with diverse fruits and veggies from all over the world. There’s something about the quality of the produce at Pete’s that, I’m sorry Superstore and Sobeys just can’t seem to capture.

We often went to Pete’s during our break to have lunch. One day we were particularly adventurous or maybe it was pay day: I can’t remember. We bought a bunch of stuff, tomatoes, baguette, marinated artichoke salad, olives, smoked apple wood cheese. We got back to work and it wasn’t until everything was out on the desk that we realized that it would make in amazing sandwich. Christina my fiery little Italian coworker was more than excited, putting her fingers to her mouth to kiss them, this haphazard sandwich was a hit. As we ate lunch she told me stories of the Old Country, how the sandwich reminded her of Sundays in Italy. She would get up early, grab her backpack, stop in at the local market and hike up the mountains. Once she got to the top, she’d fetch her market fresh ingredients and dined with nature. Puts eating in front of Oprah to shame.

You might not be able to climb to the top of grand Italian mountains, but you can turn off the television and put on some Italian music, and spread a blanket out on your carpet floor. Picnics aren’t just for summer you know, grab a thick sweater and cozy up with a good book and enjoy this full flavoured sandwich. I’m still not sure what to call the sandwich any ideas? The best I could come up with is old country sandwich. Don’t judge too harshly.
I love Pete’s Frootique so much that I actually went there for my birthday. Don’t laugh, I didn’t have a party there, or anything. But! I did treat my self to a spa day at the Summit complete with a 1.2.3 facial and hour and half massage. I love the Summit, conveniently located in the Park Lane Mall this spa is much larger than it looks. The staff are very welcoming and committed to making your experience pleasant. While you wait you are offered tea in a mindfully designed waiting room. While I impatiently wait, I’m nervous; my former masseuse recently left, and it was the first time with a new masseuse: potential for awkwardness was high. But! She was very friendly in providing light conversation, but was also very intuitive in respecting when I wanted silence. She’s a keeper, luckily they keep your masseuse on file because I forget her name, but I certainly will request her again. Taking time for your self is so important, and it is something that I am still striving to improve. I usually wait until it is much too late, and my neck is so tense that I get headaches. I really should make massage therapy a regular thing. At any rate I’d give The summit: a go! Get the inside scoop by adding your name to their e-mail list there are always promotions.

Having a full day to myself was at first alarming and I wasn’t sure how I would fill the time. My birthday this year fell on a weekday leaving everyone I knew confined to their desks until 5pm. I topped my lovely day off with a skinny vanilla bean latte (my favorite treat), and decided to saunter back up spring garden. A friend of mine was throwing a party for me that evening, so I went into Pete’s to find something to bring. I stumbled around the vibrant colors and smells, and found my way to the dips and salads. The food is prepared with simple fresh ingredients with words I can actually pronounce. Rather than purchase the dips, I wanted to make the fresh salsa and guacamole myself, so I used my phone to take a photo, grabbed the ingredients around the store, and I was off. As I walked home passing people in the streets I nibbled at my baguette, and was reminded of the streets of Paris.

miss kayla
Fresh salsa and guacamole recipe coming soon

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