NSCAD Fashion Show

The second annual NSCAD University Intermediate Fashion Show held last night at the NSCAD Port Campus gives up and coming designers a chance to show their stuff. It’s so important for people in the arts to be able to present their work; so much of it happens behind closed doors, and is seldom seen by anyone outside of the design community. It’s important to get outside perspectives and also see it all come to life on the runway. The show was lively and the models seemed to enjoy the spotlight 🙂 so many of us sit at home and watch run way shows on television or on our computers “it’s pretty cool to see it in real life” says my friend who frequently enjoys Ralph Lauren shows from her macbook.

Favorites clips from last night’s NSCAD Fashion Show! I was in the second row so excuse the heads in front of me: I’m no cinematographer. 

Derrick Dixon Delivers Drama

There’s something about the simplicity in the last one that stole my heart. Although Dixon was by far the most courageous and bold I think maybe sometimes less is more (at least for me). If nothing else Dixon would put on an entertaining show which will serve him well in his future, as we know often times with fashion it’s all about pushing boundaries. Well done NSCAD students and good luck.


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