Who’s got a fitness fanatic on their holiday shopping list?? Whether you’re looking to give some one some hints (i.e send them the link to this post), or you yourself are looking for ideas to gift someone on your list: I’m here to share some super fun fitness items from Forward With Design [ SPONSORED ] to help make your holiday shopping easier!

As the situation with Covid-19 is rapidly changing; however you are choosing to workout, please make sure to adhere to the specific guidelines and restrictions in your area.

Did I mention you can shop all these items online (you don’t even need to get out of your pajamas!

From handy hair ties to clever water bottles, and body products to get you spick and span in no time flat I present you with:



If you’re still lucky enough to be going to the gym and/or studio, or maybe you’re working out in your condo building or even outside: you absolutely need a place to put everything! For those who are committed to fitness, they can’t be hauling things in and out of bags all the time it just doesn’t make sense, and it’s also a sure fire way to lose and/or forget important things.

Having ONE bag for ONE purpose (and always having everything you need inside) is definitely ideal for the gym!

I love this FWD Expandable Tote for many reasons, the color and design are lovely, but also the material is perfect for workouts because it’s so easy to keep clean. There are a number of compartments on the inside, as well it does expand larger should you require more space.

In addition, included with this bag is a large removable laundry bag you can use for your gym clothing, as well as a shoe bag so you can keep you gym shoes and everything separate in your bag. IT’S BRILLIANT!

It’s a great bag, and I can definitely attest that it’s made well, and will hold up with repeated use! Did I mention it’s super easy to keep clean. I really feel like the folks at FWD get it because they’ve thought of everything. This is the perfect gym bag.


If you’re anything like me you drink A LOT of water when you’re working out, and having that perfect water bottle is definitely key.

No one needs a water bottle that sweats more than they do!

Double wall vacuum insulated this water bottle keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12! So whether you’re working out at the gym, or you prefer the gym of life (i.e. hikes) this water bottle is in it to win it!! I also love the silicone sleeve that offers a great grip!

Scrunchies are having a major moment right now, and fun fact they are actually better for your hair! My hair dresser noted to me a while back I was seeing some breakage underneath my hair, and honestly the only time I wear my hair up is when I work our, and when I wash my face at night! Since switching to scrunchies I’m happy to report my hair is healthier than ever.

I absolutely adore these scrunchies they are great for keeping my hair off my face during workouts, and won’t crease your hair so you can get back to your zoom meeting looking fresh as a daisy! I honestly just think they are so stinkin’ CUTE! I love the bow detailing when one’s not in my hair it’s on my wrist! Definitely a fan.


Perhaps you’re looking for a place to store all your toiletries, and you’ve been burned by a spill or two. Super cute and travel (i.e spill) friendly I love this silicone pouch. Ideal for protecting your makeup, and skincare, as it’s extra squishy adding an extra level of protection between your breakage, and leak-able items and whatever they encounter. Also how fun is this color?? Easy to find in your bag it’s a win!


Whether you’re working out on your lunch hour before an afternoon meeting, or a zoom rendezvous FWD has a plethora of wipes options from Micellar Face Wipes, to individually wrapped body wipes, and post workout deodorant wipes: there’s no shortage of ways to keep your face and spick and span clean post workout.

Might I also suggest the face wipes are nice to cleanse your skin midday especially if you’re having to wear a mask for work! “Maskne” is SUCH a thing right now, but there’s no denying: keeping the area as clean as possible is definitely the way to go!


I’ve needed one of these FOR so long I’m always slipping on my mat, and trust me I do NOT need any help in that department lol But NO MORE!

I love this yoga towel! One side is super soft microfiber, so it’s nice and absorbent (we’ve all been there it’s so important to be able to hold those poses with confidence) while the other side is super gripy so it stays in place. It’s and win/win!

Super lightweight it washes, and carries like a dream. Definitely a must for any yogi!


When you toss everything into a giant bag it’s 100% going to get lost in the mix! If you didn’t notice I definitely like everything to have it’s place, not only does it help ease my mind, but it also make finding things SO much easier because if everything also goes back in the place you should always find it right?? Hey you can’t blame me for trying lol

I love these little pouches I actually have used them in my regular purse too, but for workouts specially I find these little pouches ideal for undergarments!

I use one for clean undergarments, and one post workout: therefore the two never co-mingle.

And it makes doing laundry easy peasy. and there’s no awkward pulling out of underwear when going into your bag for your wallet. YUP I said it, but if you’re blushing just reading this imagine it actually happening LOL avoid the horror and use these pouches already!


I have A LOT of hair, and OOF it takes a long time to dry. However, do not let the size of this little hair dryer fool you into thinking it doesn’t pack a punch: it’s honestly very impressive!!

I used it recently while visiting with some family (within NS), and WOW this thing packs a punch, and don’t tell my MIL, but it’s SO much better than her full size hair dryer!! AND it folds up, and comes with it’s own travel bag. This little fella will be coming with me everywhere I go from now on, it’s so compact: I love it!!

Of course it would be great to accompany you in your gym bag, whether you’re doing a full on shower at the gym, or you just need a touch-up around your hair line: having your own little handy hair dryer is definitely key when you have long mermaid hair like me, or during the winter months when it’s WAY too cold to leave the gym or yoga studio with wet hair!

Hope you found today’s post helpful, and if you have any specific questions about any of these products please feel free to comment below, or reach out to me on social media @SHORTPRESENTS.

Special thanks to today’s sponsor Forward With Design, you can shop all these items by visiting their website ForwardWithDesign.com !



This post was sponsored by Forward with Design, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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