Halifax blogger poses reading a cook book and fresh bread in her newly renovated kitchen

Hey Alexa play “CEL-E-BRATE GOOD TIMES”. My friends the day has finally come we have FINALLY finished our kitchen renovation! I’m so happy I could cry. I’m so tired I could cry.

I’m not crying you’re crying.

Okay we’re a hot mess over here folks, but at least our kitchen no longer IS! Onwards and upwards my friends, we are trudging forwards, and I’m SOOOOO excited to finally share with you how it all turned out. Spoiler alert: we’re obsessed.

I can’t lie to you tho when you’re doing it yourself, home renovations are nothing like HGTV or what Pinterest would lead you to believe, it’s been a long hard road, and I wouldn’t wish living through a kitchen renovation on anyone.

If you have the luxury to move out, or delay moving in I’d highly suggest it because it gets pretty tough (and the mess phewf). I’m happy to report that washing my dishes slumped over my bathtub, and eating frozen dinners from a toaster oven are now a thing of the past, and a very distant memory. I will say it’s pretty impressive what quikcly becomes your new normal lol. All that to say we are honestly SO SO happy with the final results, and we can’t say enough about the amazing people we’ve worked with to make it all possible. <3

We meticulously planned every single inch of this space to maximize style and function. No easy feat when you see what we were working with in terms of angles, but we’re so happy it all worked out in the end. If you’re about to embark on your kitchen reno please remind yourself (and often) that it does all work out in the end, no matter how bad it feels in the moment: I promise it does eventually work out!

Despite all the ups and downs when it’s all said and done: it definitely is 1000% worth it.

So without further adieu we’re finally happy to share our


To fully understand the sheer magnitude of the change definitely be sure to catch our renovation reveal video for ALLLLLLLL the details!



If you’re curious about the materials we used for our kitchen please find them all tagged below. If you have any additional questions about anything don’t be shy I’m happy to help. Think of me like your renovation big sister 🙂 Trust me I’ve been through it all.


*DISCLAIMER: Some the items showcased in this blog post were gifted, please note that all collaborations have been marked c/o. Thank you for supporting my partners!


Gray tile flooring sits beneath a kitchen island with wine storage and stools

Flooring c/o Wacky’s Flooring

Our entryway and kitchen feed into one another #condoliving so when we were picking a flooring we needed to pick something that could withstand the high traffic area of our front door (considering dirty boots and salt in the winter bc Halifax) and well as be complimentary to our kitchen, both in color, texture and material.

We are SO SO happy with the flooring. It’s perfect, from the color, the texture and tones, to the meticulous install we absolutely LOVE it. Job well done for sure. It’s the perfect foundation to the space. Flooring can absolutely make or break a space.

If you were following along on Instagram we definitely went back and forth a little on whether to go dark (you know for the drama darling), but we just couldn’t rationalize the amount of work it would be to keep it looking clean. Between salt residue, and crumbs in the kitchen a super dark floor just didn’t make sense for us (even though we think it looks absolutely stunning). Full disclosure we debated this for hours on end.

An outdoor/indoor tile in a the softest shade of gray was the perfect choice, and we were super happy to have the option to have Wacky’s do the install. One thing we’ve learned from renovations is that we prefer to leave the finishing work to the pros. We saved a lot of money doing the demo ourselves, and some other things, but we left the tile install (which is super meticulous) to the pros, and we’re so happy we did because it’s PERFECT.

However, if you’re super handy you can definitely do it yourself! Wacky’s has some great materials at their warehouse to help you get sorted! Unfortunately, if you’re looking to purchase this specific tile, it has been discontinued BUT the lovely folks at Wacky’s are happy to assist you in finding something similar (and trust me they have SO many options I asked). Feel free to bring up this post on your phone, or take screenshots to bring in with you and they will be happy to help you from there 🙂 I honestly can’t recommend this flooring enough it’s so easy to keep clean, the color is soft, and perfectly neutral I know we’re going to love it for a long time to come. Thanks much to the wonderful staff at Wacky’s!! <3

PSA: Wacky’s has two convenient locations to suit your renovation needs. Visit their showroom (SO much choice and wonderfully knowledgeable staff – we chatted with Roy recently when looking for new flooring for our living room, and he was absolutely lovely) as well as their Warehouse location which is where we worked with Adam for both our bathroom, and Kitchen renovation. Did I mention they also sell lighting? 😉

Kitchen pantry floor to ceiling cabinets

Cabinets, Mother Hubbard’s

Our cabinets probably took the most amount of work in terms of planning because we reaaaaaaaally wanted to maximize the space the best we could, and again we have a TON of angles #origamicondo. Our poor kitchen designer Matt from Mother Hubbard’s really had his work cut out for him, but he took it like a champ and definitely delivered. We’re so happy with the finished product, from the materials, to the hardware to the functionality of everything we’re OB-SESSED. What a champ! We also saved a lot too. We did A LOT of research and even went through a few different kitchen designers, but Mother Hubbard’s really offered the best bang for your buck for modern materials and contemporary designs.

I remember when the guys were hauling all the cabinetry in, and for some reason I didn’t think the island would already be in one solid piece, so when I saw it and saw the beautiful custom wine rack and shelves on the side I immediate started balling because I was so happy. It had turned out so great, and we’d worked so hard for so long to plan everything: I just couldn’t believe it was finally happening.

You’ll note that the island is a soft wood color while the actual kitchen cupboards are white, we wanted to create some visual interest while also still sticking to our super clean and minimal aesthetic. I knew I wanted to add some warmth to the space because with floor to ceiling cupboards, and a marble backsplash and gray floors we were worried it could look a little sterile or “hospital like” if we didn’t add some warmth. We opted for a soft wood for the island, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and how cohesive it all looks together everything just looks so purposeful. Our kitchen might not be super bold, or anything “wild”, but it is very us, and we’re so so so happy with it. Thank you so much Matt for all your help!!

After living through the bathroom reno and doing ALL the research I read that every space should some black to help ground the space. So keeping this in mind, and knowing our American Standard faucet was matte black we also choose matte black hardware for the 3 drawers along the one side of island (facing the sink) so they could play off each other, as well as tie in the black details on the appliances. It’s intense planning a kitchen you guys don’t like anyone tell you any different. We honestly thought of ever-y-thing.

Because I know y’all will ask I’m including some details on the cabinets below:

Door name: “Granville flat”
Style: “Shaker Series”
Colours: “stratus white” (Cabinets) and “Sand Bar” (Island)
Door hardware: “Lucy” in “satin brass” finish

White kitchen wood island with black hardware, marble counter tops, stainless steel appliances

Light fixture, c/o Living Lighting

L-I G-H-T-I-N-G Travis is obsessed with lighting you guys, we added dimming pot lights, under the cabinet lighting, as well as a light fixture. I mean it’s been amazing for posting anything on insta at night time, and I absolutely LOVE having options. Originally we’d planned to put this light fixture in our entrance way,  during our bathroom reno we also grabbed this light from Living Lighting at Station 12, but we realized later that we actually needed it more in the kitchen, and it just so happened to match the space perfectly! —WINNING!

We thought about doing a light fixture that drops down, but because of our open concept we didn’t want to block the line of site to the main living area. Ultimately we decide a recessed light fixture made the most sense for our space. Also we had this beautiful fixture already and it matched who are we to argue??

Our condo is veryyyyyyy narrow, but long and rectangular (well sorta it’s hard to explain lol see origami comment above ) anywayyyyyy we decided it was best to go with something more recessed to avoid cutting off the line of site/focal point of the space (also the light wasn’t completely centered so it would drive both of us batty). Anyways we’re super happy with it, and we we’re so happy we didn’t need to purchase something else lol because renos get expensive kids, and just when you think you spent your last dollar something else happens and there’s another $500 out the door.

We love that this light fixture matches the hardware on our cabinets, as well as the outlets! It’s just much more visually interesting than similar lights of this style we’ve seen around.

WHERE TO PURCHASE → Since our bathroom renovation Living Lighting has had to make some changes, but it’s actually great news for my non-haligonian followers because you can now purchase their beautiful inventory online! The Station 12 show room is closing to the public March 31, but you can purchase online for now on Instagram details here or visit @Station12.lkb on Instagram.

White kitchen wood island with black hardware, marble counter tops, stainless steel appliances

Countertop + Backsplash c/o Living Stone

Can we talk about these countertops tho?? OH EM GEE! Cue the flooding tears of joy again. I love my countertops SO much I don’t even know where to begin. Honestly when we were planning this renovation this is exactly how I envisioned the space, and I just can’t believe this is my kitchen. I’m so happy I could explode from joy I never thought in a million years I could achieve such a beautiful look, and so affordably.

Opting for solid surface quartz countertop over marble saves you thousands of dollars, not to mention it’s a much more livable material. I can’t imagine the space being finished any other way. I love the veining patterns, I love how the staff expertly lined up the patterns so they all work together, and that the countertop and the backsplash are from the same stone so everything matches perfectly. Like it soothes my (very particular) soul that everything lines up, as well that the colors of the stone match because the countertop and backsplash came from the same piece. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Curious about caring for your quartz?

The surface is really easy to maintain, you literally just wash it with dawn dish soap, or the ‘Green Works’ spray cleaner and a soft cloth. Like all natural stone you want to avoid putting hot or abrasive things on the surface, but it’s so ingrained in us now we just use a wooden cutting board as a buffer for any hot trays that come out of the oven, and we don’t even think twice about it any more.

What product is this?

The product that we opted for and IMMEDIATELY caught my eye in the showroom like once I spotted this one I didn’t want to look at anything else is the MSI Surface‘s “Calacutta Laza” Quartz. Counter top and backsplash (6 pieces that we installed to look like one) was installed c/o locally owned and operated solid surface countertop experts Living Stone Halifax.

We were so happy to work with a local brand who offered (in our opinion) the best range of stone in all of Atlantic Canada. You will absolutely find something at their warehouse there are SO many options and the folks are so knowledgeable they can help you figure out what material best suites your lifestyle and needs. Living Stone worked really hard to make sure everything was perfect, and all the seams were: no pun intended, seamless. Staff were always a quick email away, and after going through renovations I can tell you they 100% have the best response time to emails (Angie girl I’m looking at you girl).

I mean look at this detail tho?? Isn’t just the most beautiful countertop you’ve ever seen??

When it comes to renovations hiccups happen, it’s inevitable, but what separates a good business from a great business are the ones who are committed to getting it right! The staff at Living Stone (and I mean the entire staff) worked tirelessly to make sure everything was right, and so when things went a little south because of a bowed wall the folks from Living Stone worked REALLY hard to correct it. They walked me through all the options, they even ordered in special tools, and did experiments on a similar stone to ensure we didn’t make the situation any worse (it was much appreciated). Ultimately you have to expect some hiccups when it comes to renovations it’s just part of it, but all in all I couldn’t be happier with everything! And currently every inch of this space is PERFECT, and I love it so much.

We LOVE the look of this stone, it honestly looks like a million bucks, but without the million dollar price tag! I am constantly cleaning it only because I love it SO SO SO much I just want it to always look it’s absolute best. We’re so grateful for the work done by living stone we would absolutely recommend them if you’re planning a renovation (or even just an update to your home).  When you email Angie to make an apt to visit the showroom make sure you tell her I said “Hi”. <3 You can learn more about them by visiting their website ( or on Instagram @livingstoneHFX for some inspo, or better yet make an appointment to pop out to the showroom.

Sink + Faucet c/o American Standard

I never thought in a million years I would think a faucet or a sink are sexy, and yet here we are folks! I freaking LOVE this sink and faucet SO much I can’t even contain myself.

The Pekoe Double bowl Square Sink is so modern with it’s sharp corners, it just makes my little heart sing I love it so much. It’s the perfect size. It’s so easy to keep clean, and did I mention it looks amazing ?? I love the silver I find it super complimentary to the colors in the counter and backsplash, as well as our flooring. LOVE IT.

Okay now let’s talk about the Studio S Pull- Down Faucet in new Matte Black because hot damn its cute though right?? Form, function, and style combine here in the best way possible. It’s super sleek (hello? love), its matte black so I’m not constantly cleaning it from water spots, and the pull down with stream options really makes cleaning those tricky pots and pans so much easier. It’s so minimal in terms of care you can’t ask for anything better.

I also have to point out that having both a sink and faucet from the same brand really helps to alleviate any additional stress in terms of hooking things up. If you’re not familiar you might not realize that not all sinks and faucets are comparable. We learned this the hard way before, but knowing that both pieces effortlessly go together is a huge stress reliever. Who wants to go buy a new faucet while their plumber is there to do the install? Trust me it’s not fun for anyone save yourself the headache and just buy both from the same brand 🙂

It looks great, and it’s super easy to use and keep clean what’s not to love about these American Standard items?

Flowers lay in a sink

Yellow gold wall plate covers Legrand outlet

Legrand Outlets and Wall Plates c/o Catalyst

If you’ve been following along on our reno journey you might remember we used Legrand wall plates from Catalyst in our previous bathroom Renovation (see original post here). This time around we opted for the “Brushed Brass” wall plates to compliment our yellow gold hardware, and our overhead light fixture. I love these outlets, I really do think they add such a modern touch to an otherwise mundane (though necessary) element of the kitchen. I like to think of them like accessories for your spaces lol you can switch out the wall plates whenever you feel like it, or change your mind so switching things up is super easy, not to mention I just love how modern they look. love love love. They come in a wide array of colors, we’re getting some black light switch plates for our entry way and we’re SO excited.


T H A N K  Y O U  S O  M U C H ! !

Phewf much like the renovation this post has been a labor of love, but I’m so happy to share this journey with each and every one of you. I can’t tell you how much you have all helped me, motivated me when I was exhausted and I just didn’t have any gas left in the tank, or any brain power to make yet again ANOTHER decision. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all your feedback, and support along the way I honestly couldn’t have done it without you.

And thanks to all the people who made this renovation possible, and our brand partners we were so lucky to work with such great local talent. Be prepared to see A LOT of photos and videos of this kitchen.

Thanks so much for following along! If you have ANY questions you know where to find me (comment below or find me on social @shortpresents). I’m pretty much a reno expert now haha and I’m more than happy to impart my new found wisdom.




DISCLAIMER: Some the products showcased in this blog post were gifted, please note that all collaborations have been marked c/o. Thank you for supporting my partners!

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