With all the mess of renovations and all our home improvement projects I have been low key stalking the Shark ION F80 vacuum cleaner for a while now. You know you’re a full blown adult when you’re stalking vacuum cleaners! #adulting. Jokes aside I was so happy to finally get my hands this beyond clever peace of machinery, and guys spoiler alert I’m mad crushing on this cordless vacuum!


Shark ION™ F80 MultiFLEX® Cordless Stick Vacuum includes:
• Powerful cordless suction for everyday dirt, debris, pet hair, and high-traffic areas
• Up to 80 minutes of total runtime with 2 batteries in hand vacuum power mode. Vacuum, switch The battery, and keep going.
• Ion power Pack System includes removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a charging dock.
• Multiflex technology provides flexible reach for under furniture and freestanding, compact storage
• Duoclean Technology invented for fine dust and large debris on carpets and hard floors. One powerhead, two brushrolls.


It’s cordless! If you don’t have a cordless vacuum guys let me tell you it is a DREAM! Not tripping over the cord every two seconds, or having to switch outlets every time you move to a different room is a serious game changer. I love it so so much, and it just makes cleaning my house so much easier, and also faster because I can zip from room to room (perfect when you find out you have unexpected guests coming shortly).

It’s compact. It folds over to the teeniest little compact vacuum and fits PERFECTLY in our small little hall closet.

We live in a condo, and we need to be to so strategic about every single thing we bring into our home because quite frankly we just don’t have the space. This vacuum couldn’t be more perfect.

It’s so powerful it pretty much pushes its self which makes cleaning such a breeze. I love that you can switch into Ion Boost if you need a little extra in high traffic areas.

Under the bed/sofa flexible technology. You know those spaces that you typically just never tackle? Well now you can!

It’s the perfect size it gets in everywhere. Our previous vacuum was so bulky and I didn’t even realize how much we were missing until we made the switch.

Great for floors and carpets. We have mostly flooring, but we also have a lot of rugs, so being able to switch back and forth quickly is key!

It’s SO quiet. I was so surprised with how quiet this vacuum was our previous vacuum was SO loud, and so annoying the Shark Ion F80 is so much better.

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum I can’t say enough about the Shark Ion F80! I’m such a fan, and I know with a kitchen reno just around the corner we’re going to need it! To learn more click here and to purchase the Shark Ion 580 it’s available online here.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or reach out on social media.







*Please note the vacuum was gifted; however, all opinions expressed are my own.

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