At any given time, there are more than 6 million listings, and two new ads are posted on Kijiji every second of every day. This makes Kijiji an EXCELLENT source for sustainable gift ideas.

Whether you’re working within a certain budget, you don’t want to promote excessive consumerism, or you’re concerned about the amount of waste we create over the holidays (fair point) second-hand shopping is definitely the way to go!

During the holidays it can feel like your money is only moving in one direction (out the door), but what I love about Kijiji is that you can also earn money back too. Kijiji is a great place to purchase unique gifts (which we will get to in a second), but also a great spot to make back some money by selling your unwanted items. This is where the Kijiji App REALLY comes in handy because you can photograph items on your phone and list them right away in minutes!

Did you know you can save an average of $825 per year by buying second-hand vs. new??

I mean who doesn’t love more money in their pockets?? and you can also feel good about helping others who are less fortunate because maybe they couldn’t afford the items at the full price. And by doing so, Canadians gave second life to 2.3 billion items in 2017 (up 23.8% from 2016)! I just love that we’re moving in a more sustainable direction.

If you’re interested in sustainable gift ideas I’ve compiled some ideas for you of items you could find on Kijiji, and the best part is you don’t need to worry about it getting lost in the mail!!


If you’re looking for some tips for a successful Kijiji purchase or sale, please know that during the holiday season, Sundays are the most popular days for finding items on Kijiji and aim for gently used high quality items! There were 2MM searches for “gift cards”, and the top searched items on Kijiji during the holiday gifting season (November-December) include: iPhone, PS4, LEGO and guitars.


Did you that Kijiji is the main channel Canadians use to sell second-hand clothes and accessories? Meaning they make up more than 20% of all clothing items sold second-hand??

TRANSLATION: lots of second hand clothing options to choose from :):) What I love about Kijiji is that you can really get some amazing high quality and designer items! Some items have never even been worn I’ve seen so many listing for items that still have tags attached. We all have purchased things that just have never been worn for one reason or another. I love being able to give my items a happier home I actually get so happy knowing someone else will get better use of it!

In addition to clothing, you can also find accessories on Kijiji like shoes, boots, jewelry, and watches you name it! If you can’t tell this might be my fave category lol

PRO SALES TIP: **If you’re sharing photos to sell be sure to capture the product from various angles and in bright natural light so people know exactly what they are getting! If you can link to the item on a website I would suggest to definitely do so!! People love to know just how much money they are saving!


As we mentioned above electronics are among the most searched items to be purchased second hand! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your phone, or a gaming console you can really save a lot of money purchasing it second hand! Not to mention it’s SO much better for the environment!

Other options can include: books, CDs, DVDs, etc.


Whether someone purchased a gift set or was gifted one, sometimes we end up with cosmetics we’ve never used for one reason or another.  I’ve heard of bloggers selling some of their gifted products on Kijiji – in fact, a friend of mine scored a full OPI nail collection because a blogger was accidentally sent two! Win/ Win right?

Beauty items you can find on Kijiji: Makeup, Skincare, Brushes, and Makeup Bags, etc!


Who doesn’t love a good furniture find on Kijiji? Whether it’s vintage or modern there are SO many furniture and decor options available on Kijiji. Perhaps I’m biased because we’re in full blown renovations, but I really love the idea of finding more affordable furniture and decor options. From big box stores Ikea and Structube to folks who hand make their own items you name it you can find it on Kijiji!


As we mentioned above, gift cards make up 2 million searches!!! People are clearly interested in purchasing gift cards, and the best part is you can really save a lot! I love gifting gift card around the holidays especially for those who are hard to buy for.

TIP FOR SELLING GIFT CARDS: reduce your sale price by 20% for a quick sale!


I love gifting the gift of knowledge, and if you’re anything like me once you finish a book you’re ready to pass it on. so whether you want to make some cash back or you have a book worm on your list definitely check Kijiji first!!

If you’re curious to learn more about the second-hand economy and how you can get involved/reap the benefits please visit >

Hope you found this post helpful and happy sustainable shopping! Special shout out to our friends at Kijiji for all these wonderful stats, and gift ideas! If you don’t have it already be sure to download the Kijiji App!







This post was sponsored by Kijiji; however all opinions expressed are my own.

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