We live on a very busy street downtown, and as a result it kind of felt like we were living in a fish bowl. We have windows on all sides of our unit (sounds amazing as I type it here), and while we should have been basking in the sunshine we kind of felt like our lives were always on display, or we were always in the dark while the shades were drawn.

Bottom line: we weren’t maximizing our beautiful space, so it got us to thinking what could we do?

We love where we live the location couldn’t be more perfect we just didn’t want feel like we were living on the street with a bunch of strangers, so Travis got to googling, and stumbled on Maritime Window Film and remembered the advice from our old landlord that we should apply a privacy film to our windows. A privacy film you say, what in the heck is a privacy film??

Do you ever notice those buildings that look like a mirror? Think the new Convention Centre downtown when you look at it, it looks blue because it’s reflecting the sky (was designed this way to help make up for the fact that it’s blocking the beautiful view of our ocean waterfront).

Those windows have a mirrored film on them that helps reflect like a mirror on the outside while allowing you to still see out from the inside. Privacy on the inside without obstructing my ability to see out?? I mean sign me up!



Window Films really are the coolest thing, and Serge from Maritime Window Film really humored me as I geeked out about the whole process, and educated me about all the different types. The film is pre cut (trims down slightly after applying), and applied using a soap and water mixture and a special squeegee is used to smooth out any bubbles.

I was so impressed with a) how fast he worked, but b) how seamless it all was. I really can’t tell where he applied the film it’s literally like magic. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Serge was professional, considerate, and informative, and he did the most seamless job!

In addition to the privacy film we also applied a clear film to our bedroom, and studio windows to help tame heat & glare, help reduce fading and save energy.

The Solar window film is a microthin polyester composition allowing you to keep your home bright and open to outdoor views with solar films as they reflect away heat, glare and 99% of damaging UV rays.

The Solar film noticeably improves the comfort of your home and help protect furnishings (or in my case my clothing rack, and in Travis’s case his guitars). While we do renovations, and an update to my closet is at the bottom of the list I’ve been using a clothing rack instead of a closet. The only place that my clothing rack fits just happens to be right next to a window, and I’ve always been concerned about the sun ruining my clothing as during certain times of the day our unit REALLY gets a lot of sun.

Learn more ways how the Solar Window Film can save you money on your energy bill by visiting

With options from clear, varying degrees of shade to even mirrored (like our front windows) you can maintain your current look seamlessly (trust me you can’t even see it) or update it for your interior and exterior view. We really love that you can no longer see into our space from the street, and now our unit it so bright and sunny it’s really going to make all the changes to our unit so much more worth it because it’s going to be so bright and lovely.


The solar window films are applied to the inside of your existing glass and no special maintenance or cleaning is necessary for the film. Any household non-abrasive cleaners will do fine.

Maritime Window Film stands behind their work and guarantee their work and the film has a transferable lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, and discoloration. If for any reason something happens they will replace it, but I highly doubt that would happen because Serge is such a pro!


If you have any questions or concerns of your own in terms of privacy, or protecting what’s on the inside of your windows please do not hesitate to reach out or visit for more information on products and services.

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Hope you found today’s home inspired post helpful! We’re looking forward to sharing decor tips, and more about our renovations coming very soon.



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