Has anyone else been opening up their windows, and let the crisp spring breeze make it’s way through the house?? The other day while enjoying that beautiful cross breeze I heard a lawn mower, A LAWN MOWER so you guys know exactly what that means: summer is coming!!

In lieu of the long weekend (and a perfectly timed package from one of our favorite brand partners Smirnoff) I thought I’d share some long weekend essentials! We’re all super busy, and while we’re living for the weekend we’re not always planning for it. Whether you’re spending your on a backyard patio at home or at the cottage with friends and family these are some must haves for the perfect long weekend!


1) Wireless Speaker

Is there any better way to set a tone than to blast some fun tunes?? Music always changes the dynamic of any setting, and it’s wildly disappointing when you can’t here it, so I absolutely think a wireless speaker is a must have for a long weekend.

2) A Camera (or at the very least portable chargers for your phone)

These days our phones take some AMAZING photos, but because we’re doing so much with them these days we eat up the battery like crazy, not to mention if you’re anywhere rural and your phone is constantly searching for a signal this will also drain your battery. Consider switching it over to airplane mode, and this should help you retain your battery power so you’re good to go!

I do like the idea of a camera though because it’s also a great way to force you to disconnect a little bit which i think is important for long weekends. It should be about family time, and if you’re getting email notifications you’re not going to feel very relaxed.

Summer drink ideas

3) Sunscreen

It’s probably been a minute since your bare skin has seen the light of day, so be sure to pack lots of sunscreen because even those gray days can get you, and nothing will cramp your style quite like the discomfort of a sunburn.

4) Comfortable Shoes & Sunglasses

I mean you don’t really need to get fussy with your wardrobe a classic button up, and jeans will really do the trick, but you really should consider comfortable shoes, and sunnies! Sore feet and a headache really don’t mix, and rather be a debbie downer because you wanna look cute for Instagram maybe rethink the strappy shoes nonsense, and opt for comfort, are you sensing a theme yet???

smirnoff party pack

5) Stock Up on Fun Bevvys

What’s a long weekend without something to sip on amiright ?? Just in time for the warmer weather my favourite Smirnoff beverages are back! I love these drinks for summer especially sharing them with my friends and family when the warm weather comes back around. Variety is the spice of life right? There’s something so exciting about switching things up, and the Smirnoff Ice Flavors Party Pack with 4 different flavors (Green Apple, Grapefruit, Pineapple, and Raspberry) are the perfect way to do that!

The packaging is so bright and colorful (I mean these look like summer) and their ready-to-drink convenience makes the Smirnoff Ice Party Pack such a go-to for me for hosting or for planning a weekend away. I love that there’s no need to mix anything or worry about getting extra ingredients. I don’t know about you, but anytime I try to go away for the weekend it’s like the to-do list never seems to get finished, so anything that makes getting out the door easier is a-okay in my books!

summer drinks

Hope these tips help ensure you have the perfect long weekend you deserve it.

And remember to please drink responsibly, and make a plan to get home safe












This post was sponsored by Smirnoff; however, all opinions expressed are my own.

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