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International Kindness Day

I’ve been busting to share this post with you! Recently Ford challenged me to celebrate International Day of Kindness with them, and it really didn’t take me too long to figure out that I really wanted to do a makeover! And not really a makeover like in the traditional sense, I’m not into changing people or making them feel uncomfortable, but rather a full day of spoiling for a much deserving individual.

In true blogger fashion, I hit up my social media and asked my followers to nominate someone for a day of pampering, and to tell me why.

I was so overwhelmed with nominations it was REALLY hard to just choose one person. The responses were so thoughtful, and it’s clear that there are some amazingly incredible human beings out there, and that truly warmed my heart.

Ultimately, I chose Ashley because her husband’s response was just so kind and considerate, and having met her at a recent event with Telus I knew that everything he said was true. Her and I chat quite a bit on Instagram, and she has been asking me for advice here and there, but I noticed a trend (she never fully acted on a lot of the things I said). Like many mother’s she always puts herself last, and I really wanted to do something just for her! Also she’s just the cutest little human, so I knew we would have the BEST day.

I love love love working with amazing brands who just totally get it! And this is why I’ve always chosen the brands I work with very closely, and guys did they deliver on this project!

Huge shout out to Ford Canada, Halifax Shopping Centre, The Head Shoppe, Envy Clothing, Sephora for making this day possible, as well as the lovely gals from Arrow and Knot Productions for documenting this amazing day be sure to catch the video below.



International Kindness Day

11:00 am PICK UP

With a jam packed itinerary we really maximized the day by doing everything at HSC. I loved that we could do everything from hair, to makeup to clothes, and we even grabbed a quick snack too to keep us going all at the Halifax Shopping Centre: they really are a one stop shop!

We started the day in the Ford Explorer, and let me tell you this full sized SUV is everything you need and more for your squad. We all fit comfortably, and loved the luxe feel of the vehicle. From the camera that assist with parking (always a plus for me with bigger vehicles), to the heated and cooling seats, we definitely road in style and were reading for AN-Y-THING.

International Kindness Day


Upon arriving at the Halifax Shopping (round of applause for their reno hey? phewf this mall is beautiful) we popped into the Head Shoppe to see the super talented and lovely, Anna Marshall.

With over 17 locations, The Head Shoppe has been a trusted name in hair and esthetics in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for more than 50 years. At their flagship Halifax location, you’ll find a relaxing environment where you can pamper yourself with quality and affordable services.

The Head Shoppe is located on the upper level of The Halifax Shopping Centre—across from Sears and The Apple Store, and we had the best time! It was a super seamless experience, and wow Anna was fast. I couldn’t believe how quickly we were in-and-out. Anna asked lots of questions, and made sure to give Ashley a cut that suited her lifestyle. We chopped off the ends (made them a little more current by making them blunt, and finished off with a blow-dry, and some soft waves.

I was especially excited about the waves, because Ashley often wears her hair straight, but has recently been wanting to test the waters!

Ashley is a beautiful gal, and we definitely didn’t want to change that, but there’s definitely something to be said about about making sure your look is current!


I’ve planned enough events to know you always should schedule some time to grab a bite. Ain’t nobody wanna be hangry when you have a packed schedule! With a full food court there’s no excuse to go hungry while you’re shopping at HSC. The Terrace is so beautiful I pretty much make an excuse to hang out there.

Halifax Shopping Centre


We had the best time at Sephora, they are so knowledgeable and I love that there are just so many options. The makeup artist really really listened to Ashley, and asked so many questions to make sure she got the look she wanted.


1.       Beauty Insider: Depending on your Beauty Insider status, VIB members have 1 complimentary makeover and VIB Rouge members have unlimited complimentary makeovers.
2.       Mini Services: Sephora offers complimentary 20 min mini services like mini facials and mini makeovers. You’re able to go in and ask for either a foundation, contour, eye shadow, highlight application without a cost
3.       $50 Purchase: With any $50 purchase at Sephora, you can schedule a complimentary makeover at the store.

We opted for the $50 purchase and complimentary makeover; I booked our appointment online, and it couldn’t be easier! Definitely recommend this service. We ended up purchasing the Anastasia Brow Whiz brow pencil recommend by our makeup artist because it was the PERFECT match and that subtle look Ashley was looking for.


OMG Adrian, Ashley’s husband was so cute, AND agreed to be on camera. Can you say adorbs??? Conveniently he also was working at the mall, so we borrowed him from Telus, for a quick little interview for our video. EEP! So cute.

Halfiax Shopping Centre


Envy is one of mt favorite stores at Halifax Shopping Centre, not only is it a local company they do so well to curate trend items! You know that if it’s being sold at Envy it’s currently on trend.

From premium denim, to luxe tees, to glam evening dresses local company Envy Clothing really has a lot to offer!

We had a lot of fun in Envy playing around with their fur jackets, and floppy hats (not Ashley’s regular look), but ultimately we found her some great everyday pants that she could dress up or down, and a super soft sweater that we can wear over and over.

International Kindness Day

So with a fresh cut, and blow out, a fresh face, and some new wardrobe pieces Ashley was more than ready for her night out with her husband!! We had SO much fun together, she’s just the sweetest little human and I’m so happy to have been able to spoil her for the day. I honestly wish I could do these mini makeovers ALL THE TIME. OMG it was the best day ever.

Remember acts of kindness don’t need to be grand gestures at all; in fact, they can be the small things and little decisions we decide to do each day. A little goes a long way.

And for all the mamas out there, or friends of mama’s don’t forget there are SO many services available at Halifax Shopping Centre that you can be in-and-out, and feeling great in no time flat! We had SO much fun with Ashley, and as we mentioned she is a stun-ner so we definitely didn’t need to do much to enhance that, but it was fun to spoil this hard working mama all the same, and it was amazing to be able to do everything all in one place.

Special thanks to Ford, Halifax Shopping Centre, Envy Clothing Company, The Head Shoppe and Sephora for making this day possible! And of course, the lovely folks at Arrow & Knot Productions for creating this beautiful content. I adored working with these super talented ladies, and would definitely do so again.

What an ah-mazing day!!!! Hope you enjoyed today’s post



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