When you think of Montreal you might instantly think cold, but I truly believe that when you’re dressed appropriately you can handle anything! Hashtag the most Canadian thing you’ve ever read! 

It was around -15 (sometimes double with the windchill) while we were were in Montreal, and I’m not going to lie to you I didn’t care much for looking cute (this was survival). I wore ALL the layers (3 sweaters in fact), a wool hat, mittens, a scarf (maybe two), all while drinking copious amounts of tea, and coffee to stay warm. But we had an ABSOLUTE blast, and Montreal is so stunning this time of year.

If you’re heading to Montreal during the winter months the one thing I would suggest is to pack some long underwear lol or even just some leggings for under your jeans.

My legs were honestly the only thing that was cold on me. OH and hand cream I really REALLY needed hand cream my hands were so dry from taking them out of my mittens over and over to take videos and instastories.

You might have caught our previous post about our recent trip to Montreal with Le Centre Sheraton and Porter Escapes, but because we are like power tourists and we did SO much I wanted to make sure the post got the attention it deserved.

So many of you reached out about what to do in Montreal specifically in the winter, so I figured I’d dedicate an entire post to just that <3

Take a peek at our highlight reel from our trip with our video diary, and if you’re looking for specifics on anything please see our details list below.


A crack in everything

Musée d’Art Contemporain

Main exhibit : Leonard Cohen : A Crack in Everything (November 9, 2017 to April 9, 2018) Inspired by the world of Leonard Cohen and the great themes of his life and work, this major exhibition is the first to be entirely devoted to the imagination and legacy of this great singer/songwriter, man of letters and global icon from Montréal. The Leonard Cohen exhibit was really amazing there were so many creative ways his music was interpreted. I really really enjoyed this experience.

Learn more click here.


Montreal Coffee Shops

Visit/Hang Out at one of the Many Coffee Shops

One of the things I loved about visiting Montreal this time of year and maybe it’s this way all the time, but because there wasn’t a lot of tourists I never felt rushed out of a place.

I loved the laissez-faire vibe in Montreal.

At almost every spot we visited we were asked if we wanted to hang out, or if we wanted more coffee la la la it was lovely. Not to mention their cafes are stun-ning (and and welcomed retreat from the cold) why would anyone want to leave?

For a round up of Montreal Coffee Shops click here.

Kayla Short

Stop By the Free Barbie Expo

The largest permanent exhibition of Barbie dolls in the world, and features over 1,000 Barbies, including Hollywood stars, unique one-of-a-kind Barbie dolls and glamorous outfits created by famous fashion designers!

And it’s FREE! And again a great way to warm up while you’re putting around the city.

For more information click here.

New in stores, the Blogger Barbie haha!!

Kayla Short


A natural landmark, Mount Royal rises majestically above the city, a symbol of Montreal’s heritage and a four-season urban playground for all to enjoy.

While we didn’t get there this time around we’ve been before and it’s easily the best view of the city and it’s totally worth a visit.

Learn more click here.


Notre Dame Montreal


This grandiose, innovative artistic project presented by Notre-Dame Basilica and designed by Moment Factory, sheds new light on the history and architecture of the Basilica as well as on the art that can be found within its walls. Visitors will be moved and amazed when they experience this immersive, captivating universe of light and sound guiding them to the very heart of Notre-Dame.

Easily one of the most unique and transformative experiences I’ve ever had, and an absolute must whether you’re religious or not. One of my favorite things about this event is that not a single person had their cell phones out it was all about the collective experience, and I loved that everyone respected that.

Learn more & get tickets click here

Mile End

Tour Around Mile End

Montreal’s hippest neighborhood, Mile End is a must experience while touring around Montreal.

With the coolest cafes, brunch spots, local shopping, mile end is definitely worth the visit. We stopped into the Universel for the best eggs benny, and then roamed the neighborhood. We also stopped into Mamie Clafoutis bakery and I got the yummiest blue cheese and walnut bread. More on food and where we ate here.

More on Mile End click here

Kayla Short

Notre Dame /Old Montreal

I mean you can’t go to Montreal and not visit Notre Dame it’s so beautiful, and even if you’re not religious you can at least appreciate the architecture and history behind such an iconic building. There’s lots of great food, coffee, and retail spots in Old Montreal too, so definitely browse around.


Observation Wheel

La Grand Roue – Observation Wheel

While you’re touring around Old Montreal you HAVE to take a ride on the Observation Wheel!  Just recently opened in September Le Grand Rue Observation Wheel currently stands the tallest Ferris wheel in Canada.

60 meters high it’s arguably the best view of the city, and what’s more you can control the heat inside, listen to music, and make an emergency call if need be.

We went at night after the Aura show at Notre Dame, and it was pure magic. Bar, bistro and cafe on site! Definitely a must if you’re in the city!

Learn more + get tickets click here.

Go Shopping (Under Ground)

Montreal has an entire city underground! From fresh bakeries to retail shops you don’t even NEED to go outside if you don’t want to. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for multimedia projections too. There’s a really cool one under the Fairmont Hotel that goes through the transition of the evolution of the city (very cool).

Kayla Short

Take a Tour

While our tour hilariously got derailed by a flat tire lol it’s not all glitz and glamour people haha before that we learned SO much about the city from our lovely tour guide from Tourism Montreal. I’ll be honest, I’m not usually one for tours because I kind of like to march to the beat of my own drum, BUT I absolutely loved this tour. There’s something to be said about putting your hands into someone who knows the area, and can give you a bit of context too. I absolutely adored our tour with Tourism Montreal, and I have to say it’s these kinds of things that make memories, and traveling is never perfect no matter how much it looks that way on Instagram there are always hiccups.

One of of the things I learned during my tour is that and what I love about Montreal is that

All building developments  in Montreal have a 1% art law meaning that all buildings being developed have to give 1% back to arts.

How cool is that?? No wonder Montreal is so beautiful.


Catch The Many Multi-Media Projections

As part of their 375 Montreal created some REALLY cool multi-media projections. From the floor projection you saw in the our video, to ones on their buildings its such a cool way to relive the cities amazing history.

LE Centre Sheraton

Hang out at your hotel

As mentioned above we stayed at Le Centre Sheraton, and with the club lounge included in our stay it was like a home away from home. When the lounge is included in your stay not only does it include breakfast, but you can also hang out there and enjoy hot tea and coffee, and some light snacks through out the day, and then from 6-8 pm  they have hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar!

The Club Lounge offered a great opportunity to mingle with the other hotel guests, and as well as the staff. The staff were so knowledgeable about the city we loved braining storming ideas with them and asking them for tips!

With plenty of hot tea and coffee, and snacks and an AMAZING view, The Sheraton Club Lounge was like a home away from home for us.

Eat ALL the things

Montreal is known for having an amazing amazing food scene. Don’t squander your meals! Do some research, and stuff yourself silly.

More on food and where we ate here.


Check Instagram

Montreal is great at promoting things that are happening in the city, so be sure to check out Instagram and Facebook to see what’s going on while you’re there. That’s how we found out about the wreath making market and so many other things happening. I loved mingling with the locals, and getting a feel for their daily life.


Want more Montreal  Travel Tips?? Catch our weekend recap post here.


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