Have you ever loved a pair of shoes so much that you want to buy a second pair as a back up?? Well I have.

These Alfred Sung ankle booties from Marks Work Warehouse (yes you read that correctly), are actually my favorite recent discovery. With a comfort cushion built under the ball of the foot, a wonderfully reasonably block heel height, and cool texture and gold details: what’s not to love about these boots??


Boots, c/o Marks. Sweater,

Gap (also available in gray and black).

Hat, no clue I wore it in a dance recital in high school.

Skirt, Tommy Hilfiger.

Jacket, purchased on sale at Forever 21 (but also available at Urban Planet).

Bag, Giant Tiger.


When it comes to our unpredictable climate figuring out what to wear during this time of year can be kind of a struggle at best, but before we descend down a negativity spiral,

can we just for a second take a moment to appreciate sweater weather, and leather jacket weather?

Soon the grounds will be blanketed in snow, and the days of shedding your layers by noon will be long gone. As much as this is annoying, it doesn’t even come close to what’s to come. Just thought I would put that out there.

For now I’m just going to wear the heck out of my clean (unsalted booties), embrace the bliss of wearing skirts and tights with a sweater, and if it gets chilly: a leather jacket. Also I’m sitting on the ground in this next pic, so there’s that.

With a chill in the air (at least in the morning) I’m really feeling oversized sweaters, but I totally understand that there’s a line between oversized and comfortable and full blown person swallowing. I love this sweater I picked up at Gap recently because (a) its super soft for its price point and (b) it has the best billowy sleeves. So while it’s full in the sleeves it’s not so much in the body (which makes me really REALLY happy).

This Gap sweater in it’s beautiful blush pink glory is also short making it the perfect sweater for the coveted “undone” tuck!

So if you’re looking for the perfect fall outfit look no further than a cozy sweater + a leather jacket, toss with some ankle booties (i.e these AH-MAZING booties from Marks), and this seasons biggest trend: the paper boy hat, and you’re good to go babe!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! What’s your go-to fall outfit??? Comment below or reach out to me on social media @shortpresents



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