While I hate to say it, the cool weather seems to be making its way in and those back-to-school vibes are definitely brewing! Before you know it you might find yourself in the need of a new foundation or tinted moisturizer. I don’t know about you blog reader, but I swear my sun kissed glow is already leaving me.

Luckily I just got my hands on some beautiful products from Charlotte Tilbury, and with her cult like following I was more than excited to give them a try!

Of the products I tested were, The Unisex Healthy Glow, The Goddess Skin Clay Mask, and The Magic Foundation all of which are available online at or in store at Holt Renfrew. And I’m happy to share with you my experience with them!

Unisex Healthy Glow – Hydrating Tint

It is as the name suggests the Unisex Healthy Glow is a product for both men and women. More and more men are experimenting with coverage. Whether it’s a moisturizer, sunscreen, or perhaps a combination of both we’re seeing more and more men seeking out these products. And so they should. We all can feel sluggish from time to time, and whether it’s a long night at the office, or too many cocktails at your evening client meeting we all can use a little coverage from time to time.


• This is summer-in-a-bottle all year round!

• Natural tan pigments are revealed once blended into the skin for a natural-looking tan

• Natural moisturizing actives contain a combination of moisture regulating ingredients that mimic bouncy lipids in your skin

• Morphs to your skin tone for the perfect looking glow for men AND women.


A little goes a long way! You really don’t need a lot of this product to do the trick, so it should last you quite a while. It is a little dewy, but not overly I found it to dry and blend quite nicely.

I tested this product myself as well as on my boyfriend (he’s such a good sport bless his heart) and I have to say we were both impressed with the feel and texture of this product.

It absorbed quickly, and wasn’t shiny at all.

Women will often finish with a powder, but men aren’t going to go that extra step, so I think if you’re going to promote a product for both men and women having a product with minimal shine is critical. I’m happy to report that the Unisex Health Glow delivers as promised: it’s a light coverage so you look like you have a healthy glow!


Goddess Skin Clay Mask

When a product’s reputation proceeds itself you know you’re in for a treat! I’ve heard about the Goddess Skin Clay Mask for a while now, and I was so happy to finally get my hands (and face) on it.


• This glow-giving formula combines Spanish clay with Sweet Almond oil to nourish your skin.

• BioNymph Peptide Complex promotes collagen and elasticity.

• Frangipani Flower extracts has antiseptic properties to soothe your skin and leave it cashmere-soft

• Essential oils hydrate skin with its smooth formula.


MY SKIN WAS SO SOFT! When they say it’s baby soft they mean it! I have to say I was impressed.

However, one of the things I noticed the most about this product is that it doesn’t get dry or crusty as you let it settle into your skin like most masks. If a mask is supposed to hydrate this is something you’d want so the feel of this mask on my face was reassuring.

If you can be sensitive like me a lot of times when I so much as touch my skin it turns red pretty quick, but this product for me was super calming and totally something I can see myself using before shoots, segments, and events.

My skin felt moisturized but at the same time it wasn’t left feeling greasy which is like the holy grail for us acne prone gals. Definitely a win for me!

I loved how simple this product was apply it’s really a no fuss approach, but I appreciated the mention on the back to follow up with a massage. I feel like this is a step a lot of us miss but it’s so important for proper absorption.

After using this product my skin really did feel and look great. Because I use a lot of acne products, and because we’re coming out of the summer months where let’s face it we kinda let our routines fall by the wayside my skin lately has been VERY dry. I appreciate that this product works to help minimize pores while is also hydrating (often these are two different steps).

I did feel like my skin felt plumper I mean a product can really only do so much, like we’re not expecting miracles here, but it did feel fuller (in a good way), so I would confidently say it delivered on it’s promise.


The Magic Foundation is FULL on magically ingredients! With Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C you can take comfort in knowing you’re using a nourishing makeup while still maintaining ALL the coverage!


• Reduce the appearance of age spots by 75% in 4 months & reduce the appearance of acne after 9 weeks with the collagen-boosting formula!

• 77% of women agree it gives them perfect-looking skin, and 83% would recommend to a friend!

• Genius Hyaluronic Filling Spheres absorb & plump up your skin from within whilst supercharged Vitamin C fights damaging & ageing effects of free radicals.


I know foundations can get pricey, but there’s a reason the good ones are. The Magic foundation is honestly like magic lol it blends into your skin so well unlike most that just sit on top of your skin. I also love who full your skin looks, those hyaluronic sphere really do plump up your skin which is great for aging or dry skin (in my case) because the makeup doesn’t settle into every crease and crevice.

I LOVE that there’s a little bit of SPF. I almost always wear something under my makeup anyways, but I’ll take every little bit of bonus SPF I can get.

I love the foundation finder as it makes it SO easy to choose the perfect shade.

The foundation finder makes it SO easy! Originally I chose my color in the heart of summer, and I just got really really busy, and was traveling so I couldn’t test the products as quickly as I would have liked. I really think the color I chose would have been perfect for me if I still had my tan because it’s SUPER close to my color, but just a touch too dark (right now). The tones are great though, it’s not too pink or too gray (it’s a thing) it’s perfectly warm which is what I need.

And while I can’t attest to the long term benefits of this product, as I would need more time I can tell you I am obsessed with how this makeup feels on my skin. I can only imagine the results after long term use.


Thanks so much to Charlotte Tilbury for sending over these products for me to try I absolutely adored testing them. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.





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    I am in the search for a new foundation for the fall/winter. It seems everything I have put on my face since they weather has changed isn’t working for me. Thanks for the great review!

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