There’s really nothing wildly exciting about this sweater, it’s a basic ribbed crop with a mock neck, but that hasn’t stopped me from living in it all winter.

I picked up this sweater on a whim while shopping in Ottawa. I didn’t even try it on before I purchased it (mostly because we were those jerks shopping in the store just before they were they were about to close – SORRY H&M) but at it’s $30 price tag I decided to chance it anyways.

While trying on items in Zara earlier my friend had mentioned that blue looked really nice on me, and while I’ll admit it’s not always a go-to for me there was something about this ice blue sweater that really peaked my interest. On her previous recommendation, I decided what the heck, I’ll get it.

And now I pretty wear it so much that I basically have to wash it every time I do laundry. Surprisingly it’s held up well considering it’s extremely reasonable price tag.

One Saturday afternoon I was wearing this sweater (let’s be real it’s basically what I wear every Saturday #weekenduniform) while shopping at Cost-Co, and a little girl pointed out to her mother that I looked like Elsa. While I have to admit I was wearing a pretty messy side braid (I could see why she could make the comparison), but I’m not going to lie it kind of made my day! lol


Sweater, H&M

Jeans, Marshalls

Scarf, Burberry

Hat, Envy Clothing Company

Watch, c/o Bulova

Boots, Biscuit General Store

A few weekends ago, we took a little day trip to the valley for the NS Ice Wine Festival at Grand Pre Winery, and while I was super excited to take a winter trip to the valley it was also minus 10 outside, so you better believe I was wearing long underwear under those jeans above lol.

It was SO freaking cold outside, but the festival was designed so well that while there are parts where you’re kind of outside it’s not for long, and because you pop in and out you really don’t notice (or maybe it was all the wine samples lol) the cold. They even had a roaring fire going outside complete with blankets, marshmallows and roasting sticks!

The Ice Wine Festival was super fun and is definitely worth checking out. When you purchase your ticket for the festival ($30) it allows you 12 tickets. The tickets are your currency for the day, and you can choose to sample wines (there are a plethora of local wineries on site) or you can opt for food. I think it’s brilliant to have the option of both food and wine because let’s face it someone has to drive right? I basically used half my tickets on oysters, but I have no regrets! To read more about the Ice Wine Festival check it out here.

Before heading to the Ice Wine Festival we popped over to Acadia and snapped some photos in their greenhouse 🙂 Isn’t it just the most beautiful place? On a frigid day, it was lovely to feel the warmth of the sun without the cool harshness of the wind. It made the ideal spot for to shoot this look.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! I have lots more Toronto Fashion Week stuff coming your way so stay tuned.




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