My sincere apologies to all the physiotherapists out there because while you will never be out of a job you probably won’t be eating steak for dinner either. Just in time for the holidays, these ah-mazingly clever pieces from Poppy + Peonies are about to be your new favorite travel companion.

Ever wish that your gorgeous tote had wheels so you could drag it along with ease? The Carry-All Tote comes in two colors (black and nude) and is seriously best thing invented. Fixed with wheels at the bottom,  and a handle that slides up you can literally haul your favorite tote bag anywhere and everywhere while also giving your back a much-needed break.

I can’t tell you how many times I had connecting flights in MASSIVE airports and almost broken my back trying to lug everything from point A to point B. I’m beyond obsessed with this bag, and its function I honestly don’t know how to contain my excitement.

Truth be told I have a really bad neck, I’m always up to my eyeballs in massage, osteopath, and physio appointments. I don’t think I’ve shared this on my blog before (prepare yourself for a major truth bomb here) but I was pretty badly hit by a car in high school. Long story short I broke my collar bone, shoulder blade, ankle, and suffered a pretty bad head injury. And while I’m extremely fortunate to be alive (and have

And while I’m extremely fortunate to be alive and have full range of motion especially after flying 85 feet in the air I definitely do still have trouble with my neck, back, and shoulders.  Having something like this is seriously life changing for me, and I know it would be for so many of you as well.

Whether you want to haul your bag behind you or under your arm this bag is next level. The Carry-All is the ultimate travel and work companion! You can wear it over your shoulder or pop up the handle and roll into the office (or to your gate) with style and ease. The timeless, classic design has a built-in removable laptop sleeve, padded tablet compartment, and many other features to keep you organized (and chic) on the go.

The perfect combination of casual and trendy! The Foldover sits stylishly on your shoulder or can easily be transformed into a crossbody, clutch or wristlet. The crossbody is my go-to for travel because you know I have a coffee in one hand, and my plane ticket or passport in the other. It’s classic and versatile design will allow you to transition from day to night. Built-in credit card compartments and zipper pockets keep you super organized (and who doesn’t need that when traveling or ever really?). The Foldover is crafted in a beautiful, soft pebbled vegan leather, and is oh so soft.

Classic and versatile, the design of the Foldover will allow you to take your bag from day to night (which is super helpful when you travel because you can use it for multiple purposes). While built-in credit card compartments and zipper pockets keep you super organized and who doesn’t need that when traveling (or ever really)?. The Foldover is made of a beautiful, soft pebbled vegan leather, and is oh so soft.

OH, I also just HAD to show you how my bag arrived in the mail. How adorable is this pink bag and tissue paper? I’m obsessed.

Both of my Poppy + Peonies pieces are incredibly well made, and it’s clear the sturdy fabric will hold up over time. I also take comfort in knowing that these items are vegan leather, and thus animal lover-friendly. It’s really amazing what we can create these days.

If you’re not familiar with the Poppy + Peonies, they are (proud to be) a Canadian company who believes in empowering women. Named after her daughter, Nat wanted to create pieces that served both form and function but were also very fashion forward for the modern woman. Read more about this amazing brand here.

Before you go, you also NEED to see how cute, and clever the inside of these cosmetics bags are! I love the little detachable strap (on the largest size) that keeps your jewelry organized when you travel. Like I seriously NEED these bags in my life.


Hope you enjoyed today’s post!





This post was sponsored by Poppy + Peonies; however, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Reply Heather Laura Clarke December 16, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t know you’d been hit by a car!!! A pull-along bag will help for sure. (Also I love the fringe on the little one!)

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