Exploring new places, and making new memories is ah-mazing I’ll give you that, but there’s also a side to traveling that a lot of people don’t talk about. There are aspects of traveling that sucks I mean you’re hot, hungry, and lost, and everything you own is at home where you left it. But when you travel as much as I do you kind of get it all down to a science, so you know what to bring with you to make all of that easier. Today I’ve compiled a little collection of my favorite Saje products for traveling, and guess what you can win them too!

Give yourself about 5 minutes of talking to me, and you’ll discover how much I love Saje Wellness. I couldn’t be more excited about announcing that I’ve been chosen as one of their brand ambassadors. I truly do stand behind these products, and can’t wait to share everything I know and love about them with you.

Pocket Farmacy

Whatever you stock your medicine cabinet with you can most likely get away with using this instead (at least try these first, and see if you feel better). A must-have natural remedy for every day ailments from headaches, stomach aches, stress, and pain! The pocket farmacy includes five of Saje’s best selling therapeutic remedy roll-ons – Peppermint Halo, Stress Release, Pain Release, Immune, and Eater’s Digest, and comes in this convienet little travel case that is made from recycled water bottles. So cool right? It’s a must for travel (or even your purse)! Get it here >

Travel Safe Kit

I love this kit! I’ve used all the items so many times while I’ve been traveling I can’t even imagine my life without it. Inside the kit includes, Safe Hand, Arrive Revived Mist and Roll on, Eater’s Digest Roll On, and the Restoral Skin Ointment.

As you know I have Invisalign (read more here and here) and it can kind of be a pain while you’re traveling, and you need to pop your retainers in and out to eat, and you’re nowhere near a washroom. I mean when you’ve been all over the New York Subway you kinda need something to sanitize your hands. I love that the Safe Hands is a sanitizing lotion (so it’s cream based) that disinfects while also providing moisturize at the same time! It removes the germs without the intense drying effects of alcohol based products. Usually, when I use hand sanitizer my nails just start to break off one by one, and I get the worse hang nails. When I worked at the hospital I had to stop using it because it was so harsh on my skin.

Arrive Revived mist and roll on combine essential oils including clearing eucalyptus, stimulating lemon, balancing lavender, refreshing palmarosa, and fortifying niaouli to reduce the symptoms of travel on the mind and body. I love this product for when I’m getting on and off planes, and I just feel like major yuck! I even use this sometimes when I’m going to the gym or dance class too, as a pick me up! I love it.

For those times when our eyes are bigger than our stomach, Eater’s Digest roll on helps soothe upset stomach and ease digestion.

Restoral Skin Ointment is LIFE ! I got the worst burn on my shoulder from my hair wand (I mean what else is new I seem to get one evey time I travel), and I applied this to the burn every day after, and it honest to goodness sped up the healing process! I really wish I had this with me when I was in Mexico last year, as I have a HUGE scar on my arm from hair wand, and I really think this would have help immensely. Formulated with healing herbal ingredients to help relieve rashes, skin irritations and itching I’ll never leave home without it.

Shut Eye Shade

I am perpetually teased about sleeping with a sleep mask by my friends and family, but you know what I sleep well, so I’m not about to stop anytime soon. I love the Saje Shut Eye Shade because it can be used hot or cold. It’s great for releaving tension, as well as reducing puffiness.

Use hot to relieve dry eyes & congestion instructions for hot use: 1. remove clay insert from case and place in microwave. Heat for 20 seconds, test temperature and if required, heat in 10 second increments until it reaches desired temperature. 2. massage clay pack and place back into casing. test the warmth. 3. place on eyes and fasten velcro. over heating may result in damage to the clay pack. cold uses: Use cold to relieve swelling, sinuses & reduce puffiness. instructions for cold use: 1. remove clay insert from

Use cold to relieve swelling, sinuses & reduce puffiness. 1. remove clay insert from case and store in freezer for a minimum of 4 hrs. 2. massage clay pack and place back into casing. 3. place on eyes and fasten velcro. store clay insert in freezer between uses.

Be sure to check us out on Instagram (@shortpresents) to enter to win some of these ah-mazing products from Saje Wellness. As well as Snapchat because we’re always chatting about great uses for Saje products.


So stay tuned for plenty more posts from me about this amazing brand 🙂 And if you have any questions please feel free to comment below or reach out to me via social media @shortpresents


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