We all want to simplify our wardrobes right? We want to effortlessly do more with less, and spend less time rummaging through all our clothes to find the perfect outfit. Well my friends it turns out you can! Recently I caught up with Pop Culture TV host Katie Kelly at Le Chateau, and we completely transformed a basic coral midi dress simply by adding and subtracting a couple key pieces.

Get your self a basic dress, and you’ve got yourself a plethora of outfit options! Simply add and subtract various jackets, and shoes, and you will find your look completely renewed. I actually do this all the time, and to my surprise no one ever picks up on it. It’s a great way to max the wear out of some great pieces in your wardrobe without having to break the bank.

I just want to extend a big shout out to Le Chateau at Halifax Shopping Centre
for letting us take over for the morning, and to the VERY best camera
crew Martin Noel, Josh Kelly, and Donna Gillie. We filmed 4 of these
segments so be sure to stay tuned for more style tips with Pop Culture TV. To watch the entire episode click here >

Hope you enjoyed this segment! Stay tuned for the next one where we chat about work wear! 

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