Envy Clothing, Smart Buy Glasses, Bandanas

How do you wear white and red for Canada Day? Are you all in or just getting your toes wet kinda deal?

FEATURED ITEMS: Jacket, Envy Clothing. Shorts, Aritzia. Top, Banana Republic (more blouses here). Shoes, c/o Le Chateau. Sunglasses, Celine Thin Preppy via Smart Buy Glasses (more options here). Watch, c/o Christian Paul.
I’m no stranger to red or white, but I tend to not wear them together too often because I almost always feel like a walking Canadian flag, but there’s something about mixing this stripped tank and these floral shoes that makes me feel okay about it. And toss on a bandana? I’m in!
I’m so excited to be celebrating Canada Day here in my city this year. For whatever reason, I’ve been out of the country for the past few years, and while I was celebrating with Canadians and persisted to wear white and red anyway it just doesn’t seem the same. 
What are your plans? There’s always so much going on in the city I figure I’ll head out and haphazardly explore it all.

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