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As a full time blogger no two days are often alike, some days are spent quite literally in front of my computer while others have me out and about with meetings or shoots, and prevent me from getting so much as a bathroom break. When you are freelance, however, you do need to find some consistency (whatever that means for you), so I’ve teamed up with Bench and the lovely folks from North by North Photography to show you what a typical day looks like for me, but again like my outfits they are always subject to change. 

Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Kayla Short, Halifax Blogger, Full time blogger, instagram
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Short Presents, #LOVEMYHOOD, Bench
Kayla Short

Images c/o North by North Photography. Alexa and Luke are an amazingly talented duo (hire them).

FEATURED ITEMS: All items above c/o Bench, and sourced from the Mic Mac Mall location. I’ve linked all the pieces here: 

Look #1: Leggings, Top (with cut out back), Jacket. Bag/Backpack, c/o Bench. 

Look #2: Skirt (layered over shorts it gets windy around here), Top, Sweater,  Clutch (found in store, but here’s another option) c/o Bench


8:30 – wake up, and reset my alarm for another 15 minutes. I consider this one kind gift to myself each day lol. I don’t often fall asleep, but if I do it’s a blessing, and I’ll take it. 
9:00 – I may or may not still be in bed, but before I get up to grab my phone to browse my social media or check for urgent emails  (I mean come on we all do it) I try to set an intention for the day. Sometimes it’s small like show gratitude or sometimes it’s specific like CALL YOUR MOTHER for the love of God. 
9:00ish – roll out of bed, and drink a smoothie. Sometimes I have some prepared (I make three at a time), and sometimes I have to make them from scratch. 
10:00 – I’ve probably been sitting at my desk since I’ve opened my eyes, and I should be through most of my emails by now. SHOULD. Typically I’ll work on any blog posts, or quotes, invoices, or accounting during this time.  Yep when you run your own business you do everything (and I mean everything). 
11:00 – This is when I make a mental note that I should probably get dressed for yoga, or dance class (depends on the day), but I usually don’t get my act together until about 11:25 when I need to leave by 11:30, and I run around like a lunatic trying to get myself dressed. 
12:00 – arrived to yoga. A great spot for interesting and  challenging yoga classes is Rio (Rock In Opposition). They are always adapting and changing which is really cool. I’m always inspired by the concepts they come with for classes. 
1:00 – Post yoga pick me up at Envie. Envie has some really great vegan food, but you would never know it. I know that they put a lot of effort into making the food accessible (they are basically wizards), but also ensure the ingredients are good for you, so I always trust that what I’m eating is nourishing my body. Envie just launched a new menu too, so if you’ll have to try out their new items! But if all else fails get the black bean burger (their Gluten free bread is super yum), and the kale ceaser salad they never disappoint.
1:30 – I usually get back home (check and answer emails again) and/or work on some kind of project. Maybe shoot some flat lays if I have time. 
2:00 – I shower and make my way back out the door. I typically schedule meetings around this time because (a) I know I’ll get there, and (b) I’ve made a commitment to putting my health first so I like to get my workouts out of the way first. For a long time I would put myself last, and arguably still do, but I’m trying to be better at it. A healthy Kayla is a happy Kayla, and a happy Kayla is a hard working Kayla. 
3:00 – Meet a client or a friend (usually other people in the industry because we have weird hours) and talk shop. I love taking people to Lion & Bright because it’s always buzzing with other working people and they make one heck of a London Fog! 
4:00-7:00 – These hours are always lost on me I feel like I have no idea where they go, but something certainly eats them up. Maybe instagram or snapchat? Who knows. 
7:30-8:00ish Because I’m often stuck at my desk ALL day making time to see my friends, and be social is actually integral to my mental well being. Blogging allows us to be so connected virtually, but it’s behind a screen so it’s super important to get out and actually talk to a human being, and not just the delivery people while you worry about whether or not you’re wearing a bra.
Studio East is a great dinner option. It’s a fairly recent resto in the area, but they’ve got some cool items on their menu, and everyone there is SO nice. I went recently and like EVERYONE at my table had an allergy or an intolerance and we asked a lot of questions, but they were absolutely fantastic about it. We’d recommend the rice bowl, and the burger both are SUPER YUM! Also that new patio with all those tropical plants? I mean… whisk us away please.
10:00 – Usually I come home and flop on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls until the wee hours of the night, but if you’re interested in hanging out longer Studio East has a great patio outside, or pop over to Eliot and Vine. They some lovely truffle fries for you to snack on next door. I’d highly recommend.

And then I go to sleep and do it all over again. Well kinda sorta! 

 It’s not always glamorous, but it sure if fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love my job, and I love my hood.


Short Presents

*This post was sponsored by Bench, however all opinions expressed are my own. 

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