I’ve had my Invisalign for a little while now, and I figured I should give you an update on how things are going, and how I’ve been adjusting. Being someone that’s in front of the camera, as well as someone who attends a lot of events having Invisalign does come with its challenges. I’ve learned a couple things the hard way, but the good news is I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve that will help you through it.

The first week is probably the most difficult because it’s definitely different.  While the trays are very comfortable and seamless (I might add) they do hurt the first few days. I mean your teeth are moving, so some discomfort is to be expected. If yours gets too bad try to resist the urge to take Advil because it could be something you’re probably better off getting used to rather than popping pills all the time. If you can slug through it, try.

As far as irritating the inside of your mouth I didn’t have any issues with this, some people experience an increase in canker sores etc, but I didn’t find this to be the case for me. If this happens to you rest assured that it will get better. Our mouths are the fastest healing parts of our bodies, so it shouldn’t take long to be back up to snuff.

Personally, I found my biggest struggle was keeping the trays clean, but I’m happy to report that I’ve found some really great practices that drastically changed my experience.

The first two weeks I had the trays I was fine, but then by the third week, I noticed a tremendous difference in the color of the trays, and a very distinct yellow tint and opaqueness to them.

Of course, I was heading to an event that night (and it was Friday at 3:45 so the office would be closed for the weekend soon), and I instantly fell into a fit of panic. I can’t go like this. What will people think? Do I take them out? I don’t want to leave out the trays for that long (ideally you wear them 22 hours a day), but I can’t go out like this.

In a panic, I called the dentist office, and spoke to the lovely receptionist at Lawen Dentistry who talked me down, and offered some really great advice.

Having not realizing, the little Invisalign cleaning crystals need to be shaken up and mixed with warm water it became immediately obvious why I noticed no change when I used it. I must have gone through the entire supply in those first three weeks, but DUH I was using it wrong. Phewf thank you Kathleen, you saved the day. I removed my trays immediately and soaked them for about 30 mins in the crystals and warm water. I’d give them a shake here and there, and low and behold they came out much much much better. I attended the event after all, and I’m so glad I did because I had a blast at the Saje Grand Opening with Kelly and Mo (see photo above).

Turns out Invisalign trays don’t like whitening toothpaste, and what was I using? Whitening toothpaste. If I was a good girl and used the toothpaste they gave me (see previous post here) I probably could have saved myself a heck of a lot of trouble and headache.

So do as I say and not as I do, and avoid heavy duty Whitening toothpastes!  Because I guess what happens is that they are extra abrasive and they make tiny scratches on your trays when you brush them (to clean them), and thus more prone to staining (which I can’t imagine is good for your teeth either).  You can still whiten with the Invisalign and actually at Lawen Dentistry teeth whitening comes with your Invisalign package, so it’s not worth the worry.

Another thing I discovered that I feel is also really great advice for keeping your trays clean, and TOTALLY made sense once I thought about it is to soak your trays in water when you’re not wearing them.  Makes sense right? It’s much more difficult to scrub dried up hard gunk off your trays than wet soft gunk. I’ve been doing this as much as I can (even when I’m out I’ll remove my trays and rinse them at the very least) and I really noticed an improvement from my first set to all the trays that came after.  I also have an extra toothbrush that I don’t use to brush my teeth but use specifically just to clean the trays, so it remains void of toothpaste altogether.

This brings me to my next point my teeth have never been cleaner since getting Invisalign! I know you’re supposed to eat with your trays in, but I can’t bring myself to do it ( I know bad patient), BUT I do brush my teeth almost every time I eat, and before I put the trays back in. I like a lot of spicy and pigmented foods (like my crispy minis above), and I also eat and fruit and veggies, and I don’t like the idea of acid being stuck underneath the trays until I go brush them. If things are clear like say grapes or something I just eat with them in, but anything pigmented I won’t chance it.

The best part about Invisalign is that these foods aren’t off limits to you like traditional braces. I remember in high school wanting so badly to bite into an apple, and wanting to eat a sandwich without picking it apart into a thousand bite sized pieces first, but with Invisalign you can! You just need to pop your trays out, and brush your teeth after. Trust me it’s worth it.


I’m on the go A LOT, and I could pack everything in the kitchen sink OR I could pack some essentials. I’d rather leave room in my bag for a lip gloss or a snack to be honest. Cue the disposal Mini Brushes (as seen above). If you have Invisalign (or you like to brush your teeth often) they are actually EVE-RY-THING.

I’m telling you they are my lifeline, and I don’t go anywhere without these little mini brushes. With toothpaste already inside them, and no need for water I can literally brush my teeth on the side of a highway, and call it a day (I’m not above it people). I should buy stocks in these things because I swear I’m the new poster child for this product.
I LOVE THEM! I mean where was this product when I was younger, and staying out all night dancing with my friends? When the only reason I wanted to go home was to brush my teeth? If I was 21 again these little guys would live in my purse perpetually, and nothing would stop me from getting my boogie on. Not even daylight.
I found them locally both at Walmart and Sobeys. Sometimes they are mixed in with the regular oral health stuff, but other times they are in with travel items, or by the cash register. Don’t despair if you can’t find them because they’re around somewhere lol you just have to find them.

Overall I’m making out great with my Invisalign, things are moving along great, and I’m already seeing a difference. Look how close my bite is coming together in just 5 trays (see image above). I had my filing done, and although it was probably the most uncomfortable appointments I’ll have for my Invisalign treatment Dr. Lawen was very kind, and considerate throughout the whole process. I mean he had me interested in basketball (YAY! Go Raptors!), so that should tell you where I was at mentally lol. He’s pretty good at reading body language too, so when I was squirming like a worm, or clenching my fists he knew I needed a break. I’ve also been informed they are now using a new tool that speeds up the process, so for all of you procrastinators you’re the real winner here.

If nails on a chalkboard aren’t your thing maybe bring headphones for this appointment lol, because it’s not the most enjoyable experience. Thank goodness for kind and considerate people though because it makes the experience so much more tolerable, and he was quick so it really didn’t take that long. I am glad that this part is over, and I’m also glad my teeth can move closer together, and finally, I won’t look like I have pepper in my teeth 24/7.
I’m very happy with my choice to get Invisalign, and also glad to be sharing it with each of you. I’ve had so many people message me about it, and it makes me so happy that I can impart any kind of wisdom I’ve learned. It also helps when you’ve been so public about it, so everyone basically already knows, and there are no awkward conversations like “oh what’s on your teeth?”. I have gotten a few funny looks when I ask for my green tea with some ice (you can’t drink anything too hot with your retainers in),  but oh well green tea actually shouldn’t be brewed that hot anyways because it makes it very bitter (true story). Anyway, I’ve digressed.

Lawen Dentistry

In case you missed it, here’s a link to my first Invisalign post that debunks a lot of misconceptions about Invisalign and the process. Find it here >

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DISCLAIMER: In exchange for sharing the ins and outs of my treatment I will be receiving partially complimentary services.  I will be checking in periodically to give updates on my journey and progress.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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