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Someone pinch me because I must be dreaming! I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for being chosen as one of The Huffington Post’s Top 50. I mean the freaking Prime Minster is in there? And Drake! And an astronaut! How is my photo next to these immensely talented people? And how are we getting the same award?

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Kayla Short, Short Presents, Huffington Post Canada, Huff Post, Style Rescue, Huff Post Canada Style

the Huffington Post comes knocking at your door you basically drop
everything you’re doing, and simply answer yes to all questions asked,
and you ask none of your own. Well maybe accept for the dress code for the event because let’s be honest if you‘re going to roll up: you want to do it RIGHT. (Thanks to Sweet Pea Boutique for this perfect perfect dress!)

First of all I need to start off by saying happy 5th anniversary Huff Post Canada!!! WOO HOO! It’s been an incredible journey and I’m so so happy to have been along for the ride. I can’t wait to see what you do in the next 50! 
I also need to extend a MASSIVE thank you to Huff Post for whisking me all the way to Toronto for the event, and putting me up in a beautiful hotel room, and basically just bringing a huge gigantic smile to my face from ear to ear. I love Toronto, and I was so happy to be back. 

While I was there (for less than 24 hours) I managed to sneak in a little dinner with some of my favorite blogger boos (Amanda, Joelle, Gabriella, Kaylee, and Angela) at El Catrin in the distillery district. I also made myself get up before my flight, and do a little touring around.  I hit the St Lawrence Market, I even treated myself to a delicious bagel with cream cheese (St Urbain Bagel), and a hot coffee from Balzac‘s (much needed and also my fave). I then made my way to the baby flat iron (I like to call it), and I just had a very quiet and reflective morning by myself.

Okay so can we talk about this feature for a second tho? It’s honestly one thing to be “popular” or “wellknown”, but it’s a completely another to be recognized for your work. I’ve honestly never wanted to be a celebrity or famous. Just ask the brawl that ensued at the Lainey Gossip event a few years back when I was quite literally the ONLY one in the room with my hand up when asked who didn’t want to be a celebrity.

While I fully appreciate the irony of putting one’s self all OVER the internet for display I really have other intentions for my blog than being the next Kimmy K. I’m trained as a teacher, and I really just want to help people look and feel better about themselves, and my blog and the work is actually the easiest way to reach a wider audience. Whether it’s a new healthy recipe or a cute date night outfit or travel suggestions my hope is to inspire you dearest blogger in anyway that I can. I want to share everything I’ve learned with you. I always say I’m basically just a giant blabber mouth of all things food, fashion, beauty and travel lol!

You might be surprised to know that I didn’t even start my blog (insert embarrassed monkey emoji) it was given to me; so I count my lucky stars every single day that someone else had the foresight to see something in me that I may never have found myself.  

My blog, and my work with the Huffington Post has really been incredible, and I can’t imagine my life without it. I absolutely adore contributing to the Style Rescue Franchise. I’ve experienced SO much, and met so many amazing people, and having had a very modest upbringing I may never have experienced or seen these things otherwise. I really can’t wait to see where it takes me (us) next! 

Curious about the other honorees? You should be they are really an incredible bunch check them out here > Huff Post Top 50

Cheers to 5 years with The Huff Post ! And cheers to all the new adventures with you dearest blog reader!

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