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Arguably one of the biggest trends in cosmetics right now is contouring:
thank you Kim Kardashian. And while we can’t hire 20 separate make up
artists, and one just for our boobies (this is actually a real thing), we can create similar looks ourselves at home. Recently I had the absolute pleasure of testing out the Make Up Forever Sculpting Palette, as well as the Sculpting Brow Pencil, and let me tell you. 

YOU NEED TO STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! And you need to go buy this brow pencil.


HOLY SMOKES I’m ob-sessed with the 3-in1 Pro Sculpting Brow Pencil! The angular edge is actually every-thing, and mimics a brush so you can apply the product to your eyebrows in one fell swoop. The pencil also has a brush tip one the other end, so you can clean up your brows as you go (um amazing for travel), as well as a highlight tip that screws off from the middle for you to accent or clean up and smudges as you go. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?
I’ve read some reviews online about the tip breaking off, and the colors not being dark enough, but I never had an issue with either and I’ve been using it non-stop. Perhaps it’s because I don’t twist up too much? Honestly I’m really not sure I’ve yet to find anything wrong with this product (and I’ve tried SO many brow products). I love the color (I used #20), and the gel like texture (looks super natural but covers well), and how you can use the brush on its wider side for the wider part of your brows, and then you can turn it to the side to sweep outward to the sides after the arch (or where you’re brows are a little thinner). 
As well in the line includes the Pro Sculpting Contour Palette which contains four expertly chosen color coordinated shades for all your contouring needs i.e. if you want to to lighten, contour, highlight and color for the perfectly sculpted look. The first two shades are matte (thank you jesus), and the highlight is shimmery, while the blush is also matte for that super clean look.
While I’m not the most comfortable with cream products (I’m still working on it) I did like how build-able the product was, and despite the color being quite saturated it did blend impeccably well. You could apply these products under your foundation for a more subtle look, or over for a more dramatic or saturated look. It’s really your preference.  I have to admit the cream does meld well, and I like the idea of that fresh dewy look for summer.
The Pro Sculpting Contour Palette comes with a little chart to help guide you with where you should place which product based on your face shape (so super fool proof). If you have a blender or a sponge brush it would probably work best for applying these products, and (if you have it) spritz with a little bit of either toner, makeup setting spray, or thermal water to moisten the sponge and make blending all the more easier and seamless. If you don’t have the proper tools don’t worry just use your finger tips, and just make sure they are super clean so you don’t break out from applying. Our finger tips secrete oils, and can cause some folks to break out when smudging products into the skin.
In a dabbing motion (don’t be too heavy handed you want to be gentle to your skin remember) blend the shades into each other all over the face with concentration of the darker shades (obviously) where you want to create the most shadow or depth. For me I have ZERO cheek bones so I apply the color from the apples of my cheeks right to my hair line, I know this isn’t advised (and one of the main reason I HATE getting my makeup done by anyone other than myself), but I actually prefer to blend my blush right into the bronzer, and all the way back to the hair line. I love my color guys lol what can I say.  I also like to highlight around my temples (where the sun naturally kisses you), and under the jaw line. Think of drawing a big three on your face starting at the temples, and then highlight the nose, and sculpt the sides (trust me it works).
The palettes come in 4 different color palettes to suite your skin tone, and I love that there are some really great shades for woman, and men of color ๐Ÿ™‚ Make Up For Ever really is at the forefront for this kind of stuff because I know friends of mine get super frustrated when products come out, but the range for skin tones is very small. I mean they want to play with color, and contour as much as the next guy. So kudos to you Make Up Forever for making some great products in a variety of colors, and shades. 

So if you’re curious about these Make Up For Ever products I hope this helps clear some things up for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you enjoyed this review. Any questions hit me up on social media @shortpresents or comment below

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