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If you’re a new blogger, a frequent traveler, or you really want to up your instagram game the upgraded Nikon 1 J5 camera is so great, not only is it compact it connects to wifi, so you can automatically post your images directly to instagram, facebook or twitter in a matter of minutes. Meaning your instagram can still actually be instant, but also beautiful and high res at the same time. And the upgraded features from the J4 to the J5 are everything I could hope for and more to getting those perfect snaps.

Tech blogger, Fashion Blogger, Full time Canadian Blogger, Smart Buy glasses, Winners
Tech blogger, Fashion Blogger, Full time Canadian Blogger, Smart Buy glasses, Winners
short presents, smart buy glasses, Celine sunglasses

From the effortless on/off switch that allows you to snap a photo super fast (and save your battery in between) to the ergonomic leather hand grip on the right side that gives you a firmer more solid grip that’s so perfect when you’re using the bigger lens attachments.
And can we talk about the new design? I mean it’s just begging to be featured in your photos, as much as behind them. I love its vintage feel, and look; however the technology inside the camera surpasses any point and shoot I’ve ever tested.  
Aside from the design, one of the other significant changes on the Nikon
1 J5 is its sensor. The J5’s 1″-type sensor has 20.8MP, up from 18.4MP
on the J4. In addition to more pixels, this new sensor lacks an
anti-aliasing (OLPF) filter, which improves resolution. The image processing engine has also been updated from
Expeed 4A to 5A, which Nikon says supports the higher resolution sensor,
4K video, and fast continuous shooting, while improving image quality. BOO TO THE YA, 
No camera in today’s day in age would be caught dead without
selfie capabilities, and Nikon knows what’s up. The 3″ display can flip
upward 180 degrees and the Self-Portrait mode lets you tap the screen
to take a photo, and then clean the blemishes from your skin directly on the camera.

The LCD can also articulate downward to roughly 90 degrees, so you can
take photos over crowds in front of you. Step aside Ellen because there’s a new way to take a groupie!

The mode dial has also changed, and or the better. On the J4 and
earlier, you had to enter ‘Creative mode’ if you wanted to use the
P/A/S/M modes. Nikon has so graciously put the P/A/S/M modes right on the mode
dial, which saves a lot of fiddling when trying to switch things up with the settings.
I love my Nikon D7000 and 50mm lens (which is what I used to shoot these images), but it’s a little bulky for attending events the Nikon 1J5 (with the 18.5 lens) is the perfect camera for travel or events because it effortlessly fits in your purse, and takes amazingly high res images and video. 
Want to see how well this amazing little tank performs? Here are some blog posts I shot using the Nikon 1 J5 with the 18.5 lens. One of the things I love about this camera is that there are a number of different lens you can choose from and customize your images here’s a link if you’re interested in learning more about what Nikon offers.

Now keeping in mind that I shot these on the auto format, and I did little to no editing except adding a filter (to suit my color preference). But can we talk about the depth of field on those pancakes? It is just insane for a point and shoot. I even impressed myself. lol

Here are some examples of images I took using the Nikon 1j5 and I can’t wait to explore the other options and shoot some more! Be sure to stay tuned.

“Drug Store Haul” >  see full post here.
“Belgian Waffles With Homemade Berry Coulis” > see full recipe post here.

“BTS Envy Dress Shoot” > see full post here.

If you happen to be on the hunt for a great portable light weight camera that performs just as great as your DSLR this camera could be the one for you! I would also highly suggest the 18.5 lens, as it’s basically the only one I use, and I absolutely love it. Both this lens and the camera have been coming with me to every event I attend, and it makes shooting and documenting on the fly a breeze. Huge shout out to Nikon Canada for letting me test drive this product. 
Hope you found this review helpful 🙂 and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line either here or via social media @shortpresents 
Short Presents 

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