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Another season means a whole other slew of skincare concerns am I right?? If old man winter is wreaking havoc on your skin you’re not alone. I don’t know about you blog reader, but I’ve had a patch of dry skin on my forehead (right between my eyebrows), and on the tip of my nose since the temperatures dropped. That was at least until now. 

After searching the internet high and low for products that assisted in aiding dehydrated skin (note the difference) my skin isn’t dry normally, as I am acne prone, but between the cold air outside, and the dry air inside it’s past thirsty, and coming up dry I knew I needed to visit my good old friend GM Colin.

All the reviews I read for other intense hydrating products had customers complaining about breaking out, and although I wanted to rid my self of this dry patch (everyone kept staring at when they talked to me), and I wasn’t going to risk my breakout free success to achieve it. 
That‘s when I noticed that GM Colin offered a hydrating serum, and a gel based hydrating product (both available here).  There is a cleansing milk, and a cream based product in this product line as well, but given my sensitivity to breakouts I figured I better not take any chances. I’m still using the cleansers I mentioned before Christmas, and I actually really do like them (read more here). 
Determined to get my skin back on track I decide to up my water intake (I’d been kind of slacking lately), and test out these products from Gm Colin. 

Hydramucine treating mist, Hydramucine cream-mask, Hydramucine optimal serum, Hydramucine optimal gel, and of course take you along for the ride. Here’s what I liked about the products: 

Actually Hydrated my skin, and improved the overall appearance of my skin. It was dry and scaly, and just didn’t look great.
Didn’t break out. My skin not only improved in terms of hydration I didn’t notice any extra blemishes. 

Light Weight Texture. The product absorbed quickly no need to tugging or pulling. It was effortless to apply these products. And they didn’t feel heavy on the skin either. 

Seamlessly worn under makeup. I applied these products (aside of the mask twice a day), and I was able to wear both the serum, and gel under my makeup without it impacting the appearance of my foundation or its hold throughout the day. I also like using the treating mist after I applied my makeup. I like that sort of dewy look, and this product was great both under and over my makeup.

Gm Colin

Overall these products felt like they were barely there (in a good way), and yet I still saw a dramatic difference in my skin’s appearance and tightness. I used numerous masks, and creams over the past few weeks, and honestly nothing was helping, but now I have a great little routine (treating mist + serum + gel at least once and day, and the mask every other night), and I’ll be sticking to it until the temperatures start to rise.

The GM Colin Hydramucine product line is also on a special promotion from Feb 15th through to April 1st, so be sure to check your local spas to catch the discount! To read more about the products, or GM Colin I highly suggest you check out the GM Colin website by clicking here

Hope you found this review helpful! 
Giant two thumbs up for this one! 
Short Presents 

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  • Reply charmeuse February 19, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    really cool 🙂

  • Reply Anastasia Hall March 1, 2016 at 5:49 am

    This is unique and beautiful gift product from us in winter season on any event. After using these coollin skin care lotions and moisturizer your skin will not become only soft in winter but also increasing fairness. Thanks for sharing a nice post. Guardian of the Galaxy Star Lord Coat

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