Apple Cider Vinegar has long been known for its healing properties, and house hold uses. From curing hiccups or alleviating cold symptoms the list goes on and on. Whether your goal is to lower cholesterol or to aiding digestion here’s a drinkable apple cider vinegar recipe that kicks those health benefits up a notch,  along with 10 reasons why you should consider drinking it.

Before we get into why you should drink ACV let me premise this by saying this is no walk in the park, and it is without question an acquired taste. You’re not going to love it. The addition of the sweetness from the cane sugar (you could also do stevia), and the cinnamon definitely help. Cinnamon is also great for boosting your metabolism, so it’s really a win-win.

Before we get started I also want to mention that I’m super happy to find these products in my local grocery store. Sobeys is really working hard to get local (Hello Boates from the Annapolis valley I see you) and organic products into their stores.

It’s kind of sad to me that we need to be this rigorous with how we choose our products at the grocery store, but I think in time we’ll see the organic section expand even further, and the local products sprinkled all over the store. Even now I have to say it’s pretty easy to spot local loves at Sobeys with the little red Nova Scotia tags peeping out of the shelves.

I’m not one for crash diets, diets in general, juice cleanses or anything like that; I’m much more focused on living, and enjoying my life. I like the idea of eating well, and eating to nourish my body, and so I like to include things like this recipe into my regular routine rather than simply go off the deep end one day.

I typically tend to eat better during the week, and allow myself a little break on the weekend (80/20), or if I get invited out for something. I like the idea of having something I can drink before events, or dinner out with friends, or times I know I’m going to (over)indulge.

I wouldn’t recommend skipping meals and just drinking this elixir. I would never recommend that, you’d literally just gain more weight and cellulite anyway. But you could try having this a couple times a week before a big meal (whatever that is for you in the run of the day), or if you’re feeling a little blah throughout your week. If you really want to hit the ground running enjoy this recipe once a day 20-30 minutes before a big meal for about two weeks, and see how you feel, or if you notice any changes.


2 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar (organic preferably)
1 glass of water (you could also try its fizzy)
pinch of cayenne
1 tsp cinnamon 
2 TBS lemon juice 
Cane sugar or stevia to taste (optional)
 Combine ingredients together in a glass or jar, and enjoy. 
 I like using a straw because the stuff can settle at the bottom, so I like to mix it up as I drink it.


Increases energy 

Apple cider vinegar contains potassium and
enzymes that may relieve feelings of fatigue. 
Aids in weight loss. 
Apple cider vinegar can assist in weight loss. The acetic
acid can actually suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, and reduce
water retention. Bye bye bloated bellies! 
Stabilizes your blood sugar. 
Apple cider vinegar
also stabilizes your blood sugar during the digestion of starches, which means fewer
calories enter the bloodstream.
Cures heart burn. 
Don’t like to take meds every time you’re going to eat?  Us either. Apple cider vinegar is a great all natural heart burn, and indigestion aid. When you eat your stomach is supposed to produce acid that tell the little flap to your esophagus to close down shop. Sometimes this doesn’t happen (for lots of reasons), but apple cider vinegar helps create that acid in your stomach so it closes, and you’re no longer burping up your dinner. 
Reduces leg cramps. 
Because ACV in high in potassium it’s been shown to reduce leg cramps when ingested. 
Lowers cholesterol. 
Studies show that drinking apple cider vinegar every day can help lower the bad cholesterol. 
Reduces mucus. 
Got a stuffy nose? Stay away from dairy, and opt for ACV instead.  It contains potassium, which thins mucus; and the acetic acid in it
prevents bacteria growth, which could contribute to nasal congestion.
Prevents indigestion
Before eating (especially foods you probably shouldn’t be eating) try drinking apple cider vinegar with warm
water 30 minutes before you dine. 
ACV (the organic kind like seen above) contains “mother,” strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria meaning it could help you fight off those germ bugs that ever so rampant this time of year. 
Cancer is an uncontrollable growth of cells. There are some studies that suggest ACV can help kill these cells and shrink tumors. More studies need to be done, but if it’s not going to hurt you then, and there’s a chance it could help? I mean why not right?

Whether you want to cure a cold , or get rid of those last few pounds from the holidays I would highly suggest you give this natural remedy a go. If you do please let me know how you make out! Comment below or catch up with me on social media (@shortpresents). I’ve been drinking this once a day before dinner every night for the past week or so, and with no much illness in my family I feel great knowing I’m doing something good for my body, and my health.


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