It is so secret that I am proponent of fitness, throw some fashion into the mix? And it’s the best of both worlds.

Recently I read in Women’s Health that we are more likely to enjoy and
work harder in our workouts when we like the clothing we are wearing.
Studies or no studies this is absolutely true for myself, especially
when it comes to dance and/or yoga when you have to stare at yourself in
the mirror for the majority of the time.  When things are not looking
the way you would like it can be very distracting, and also very
Paramount to any successful workout is hydration. For this blog post I’ve partnered up with Nestle: Nefrusta and Walmart Canada. The folks over at Nestle hooked me up with this hydration kit made with natural flavors and naturally sourced colors, making Nesfruta the only zero calorie liquid water enhancer made with Fruit Juice. I love that these little guys can be toted with you anywhere, and the extra boost of flavor that encourages even the most reluctant water drinkers to consume more water!

I know there are a lot of you out there that dislike the taste of water, (bizarre notion to me thanks to my brilliant mother), but I can’t stress it enough how important it is for your overall health (inside and outside). Not drinking enough water can wreak havoc on your organs not to mention cause your body to seek water from other sources – i.e. your brain (hence the cause of most headaches). With a BPA free water bottle, and four different flavors to choose from I was well equipped for the workout week ahead!

To encourage myself and inspire you dearest blog reader to work hard and stay healthy I was given a gift card of $50 to purchase some new workout gear. With the $50 dollars I purchased a pair of basic black cotton cardio pants (slim leg – ideal for dance so your feet don’t get caught in your pant legs), a reversible sports bra (in bright red and black on reverse), and a lightweight running sweater! Short of the lace tank seen above all items were purchased at Walmart no less.  For how active I am I need A LOT of workout clothes (who has time to do THAT much laundry?) Because I require so much I really rely on incorporating affordable pieces, and so I get by through mix a lot of high-low items together!

Happy Friday Blog Reader! 
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