If you’re not a huge baker, or you just don’t have time this super quick recipe is for you. 

Matcha green tea is certainly having a moment right now. I mean David’s Tea has like 5 different varieties available right now, but as a long time drinker I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate this superfood into my diet. 
Match green tea is basically like regular green tea on steroids, its high antioxidants (equivalent to 11 cups of regular green tea), and metabolism boosting properties make it a favorite among health conscious.

Did you know that match green tea:

Boosts metabolism and burns calories
Naturally detoxifies 
Calms the mind and relaxes the body (um hello coffee’s complete opposite)
High in fiber and  chlorophyll (like eating lots of leafy greens)
Enhances mood
Aids concentration
Provides vitamin c, selenium (great for cholesterol), chromium (promotes fat burn), zinc, and magnesium (mood booster)
High antioxidants (great for disease prevention like cancer) 
Helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar

If matcha green tea is a food trend then I am on board! It’s high caffeine content really makes it a great coffee alternative, and it’s just soooooo better for you. If kicking coffee is one of your new years resolutions because you jack it with sugar and cream then I would HIGHLY suggest you give matcha green tea a go. Full disclosure though it does NOT taste anything like coffee, and most liken it to drinking from an aquarium (I’m really not selling you am I?).

At the very least try incorporating into smoothies and I promise you won’t notice it, or in these blondies! They are super yum, and the matcha flavor is super subtle.


2-3  tsp of matcha green tea 
2     tsp of mint extract 
1     package of PC Blondie mix (comes with chocolate chips)*
*Adding water, 1 egg, and oil according to instructions on the box.
Remove pre-made mix from the PC Blondies kit, and combine the provided dry mix with the matcha.
Combine wet ingredients together: water, egg, oil, and mint extract (following guidelines on the box of quantity).  The box suggests butter, but I used coconut oil (a much healthier fat for you) and the blondies came out with a nice crispy top and a soft inside. I would highly recommend if you have coconut oil handy. 
Combine wet and dry ingredients and transfer to a parchment paper lined baking dish, and cook accordingly to instructions (just 30 mins).

And if you’re curious about where this beautiful bowls are from they are Trudeau (link here). The little lip on the side is great for stirring, and they are weighted so they don’t tip over.  Also they are just so pretty it makes baking so much more fun. I’m obsessed.

Allow to completely cook before you cut, and enjoy! Because matcha is high in caffeine I wouldn’t recommend eating these too late in the day otherwise it could mess with your sleep (if you’re caffeine sensitive. 
Each box makes about 16 blondies. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s recipe! The great thing about this mix is that you really can add any flavor you like, or simply make them as is! They are a great start for experimenting.


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