Old or young we love beauty products, whether we have a specific beauty concern (acne, wrinkles, redness etc), or we just love to play and experiment with makeup and color: we just LOVE beauty products.

We love beauty products to the point that it can almost be cult like when we find that perrrrrrrfect product that changes everything. We are the people that could browse Sephora, and Shoppers Drug Mart for hours, and spent the better parts of our pay cheques on that next new miracle “product”.

We are the ones that love anything that smells good, feels great against the skin, or has beautiful packaging. We are the beauty junkies, and whether you are one, or you know one here’s the best of best.

Whether it’s wrinkles, dryness, or acne scars we all have our skin concerns, and it’s really easy to get bent out of shape about them. Luckily this little trio of products from Reversa is a great little start to assisting in all of the concerns above. 
The Radiance Cream is great for sun protection while also assisting in the prevention of previous damage from the sun. While the Anti-Spot Cream with glycolic acid is a really great gentle exfoliant to remove all those dead skin cells, so the fresh layers underneath become more radiant. The great thing about using glycolic as an exfoliant is that you’re not rubbing bacteria around the way you would a scrub, and thus increasing the chances of creating more breakouts. Because this is a cream, and the acid slowly eats away at the dead skin (yeah it sounds gross when you explain it like that) it’s great for anyone with acne concerns. Anything with glycolic acid is great for helping reduce acne in general, but because it’s an exfoliant it also helps to correct scars and dark spots from previous breakouts as well. 
Gylcolic can be quite drying for some (definitely me) so do make sure you hydrate either during the day or you can alternate this product with a hydrating one every other night. 
I love idea of serums for hydrating because they are very light weight, and is very highly concentrated, so you’re getting a high dose of vitamins and nutrients. This antioxident serum from reversa contains green tea, as well as vitamin e which are both really great to nourish and give the skin a youthful glow. 

Reversa products are sold at Shopper Drugs Mart to learn more visit their website or click here.

Annabelle Smokey Nudes $ 12.95

Makeup palettes are EVERYWHERE this season, and there’s certainly no shortage of different kinds. Now we all wish we could buy our bestie the Urban Decay Makeup Palette of her dreams, but it might just sink us if we do. 

While we want to make our gal pals happy we don’t wanna go broke in the process, so cue the drug store versions! There’s a plethora of different kinds of palettes from Maybeline to Annabelle, and to let you in on a little secret I never take my Naked Palette with me when I travel. I’m too nervous that it’ll get broken, so I literally have a drug store palette I take with me on the road, and it’s quite literally the best idea I ever had! 

I can’t attest to the maybelline palette because I’ve never used it,  but I have heard great things. I have on the other hand used my Annabelle Smoky Nudes time and time again. With a mix of warm and cool tones this is the only eye shadow I ever need. It’s what I wear during fashion week, or anytime I’m away from home, and while I love my naked palette I love this one too, but at least with this price point I can risk the chance of needing to replace it.

Annabelle products are sold at most drug stores and most discount department stores.  Learn more by visiting their website or by clicking here.

Volume Boosting Products from Got2b

If you’re looking for little odds and ends to add to a gift might I suggest some of these volumizing products from Got2B? While they are on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price (all under $10) I actually do find them to be pretty great. I really like how this dry shampoo performs (it’s not sticky and doesn’t weigh your hair down), but I’m just not overrrrrrrrrly fond of the smell. It’s not that it smells bad or anything, but it’s just not something I’d write home about. I would still recommend it though at this price point, as it does perform well.

Volume Boosting Products from Got2b are available at most drug stores, and discount department stores. 

Live Clean Moisturizing Hand Soap $ 6.99

I am a huge sucker for yummy smelling hand soaps! I’m a big fan of washing your hands (I mean it is the number one way to fight infection), so I love having a lot of really great scented soups around the house (especially for the guest washroom). 

What I love about the Live Clean line is the (a) it’s very in expensive (b) you can feel good about knowing that they do not use any harsh chemicals (its actually very moisturizing) which is good for both you and the enviro. 

Because the live clean products are environmentally friendly you might think that their scents aren’t great or that they aren’t very strong. I know when I think about the environmentally friendly stuff of the past I think about the “mountain” scented whatever that they sell at Canadian Tire, but I promise these products are actually really great, and nothing like that! I am OBSESSED with that Vanilla Peppermint, and the Holly Berry is also really great too. 

Live clean products are sold at most discount department stores (for sure Walmart).

Mix and mingle (Coconut & Cream trio – Body Wash, Body Lotion and Hair & Body Mist)
Retail Price: 19.99 CAD

All Aglow! (Triple moisture body lotion in Coconut & Cream, Strawberries & Cream and Lemon & Cream) 
Retail Price: $15.00 CAD

I love the idea of gift sets for gift giving, not only for their simplicity, and ease, but for their versatility as well.
You could just gift the entire set and toss in some slippers or new pjs
and call it a day, or you could divide them up and give each of your
girl friends one of these lovely body lotions.  What I really like about
these Delectable gift sets is that they are ultra hydrating (non-greasy), but do not contain a lot of harmful
chemicals seen in similar types of products. Delectable products
contain no: Parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, GMOs, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten & triclosan. So if you have a friend with
sensitive skin, but still love beauty products there’s no worries here 🙂 

Did I mention that I’m especially excited that Delectable is a Canadian brand?

All Delectable products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart

Philosophy 3-in-1 Shower gel, Shampoo, & Bubble bath $21 

If you have someone on your list that you know just adores bath products, and especially ones that smell good enough to eat the philosophy holiday line is your go-to! While I’m partial to anything that smells like peppermint or candy cane, all these scents above really do smell great, and would make any beauty junkie happy. 
While baths are not for everyone (although I can’t imagine why I pretty could live in mine) I do love that they are 3-in-1 (shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath), so if you’re in a pinch you could use them as shampoo as well. I haven’t tested them out on my hair, but I can say they do make great shower gels, and bubble bath. 

Philosophy products are sold at The Bay, and Sephora.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo in Light and Dark Tones $28.50/205ml

There are a lot of dry shampoos out there, and trust this lazy girl has tried them all. While the price of this one is slightly higher than the Got2B version that’s also featured in this post I do think it’s worth it. It’s honestly my favorite hair product, and one I feel like I couldn’t do without. I love the smell, the way it doesn’t make my hair feel even more dirty because let’s be real here I don’t wash my hair every day. 

Moroccanoil products are available at most Salons. To learn more please visit their website or click here. 

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restorative Capsules $74.00

Who doesn’t want to look younger? As we age fine lines appear, and our skin loses its glow and firmness. If you’ve not heard of serums you’re missing out! These little capsules contain so many concentrated nutrients for your skin that you’d be hard pressed to get out of any cream or lotion. Below are just some of the benefits of this award winning product.
  • Immediately smoothes and revitalizes the look of skin.
  • Visibly improves skin tone and clarity.
  • Supports skin’s natural collagen for a firmer look.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Gives you skin that’s noticeably softer and smoother.
  • Reduces roughness and dryness.
  • Enhances your skin hydration for a fresh and balanced feel.
Not only is the serum light weight these little individual capsules make sure you use enough of the product. I adore this product, and feel a difference in my skin instantly after applying. I have a difficult time finding serums that don’t break me out, but this one was great, and really did help to add moisture back into my skin! 

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restorative Capsules are sold at most drug stores, and department stores.  For sure at Shoppers Drug Mart and The Bay. To learn more visit their website or click here.

Makeup Forever Anything

You can’t go wrong with any of the products from Makeup Forever! As you know I’m currently OB-SESSED with their foundation (see that post here), but recently I discovered the foundation stick, but most importantly the foundation brush. 

While getting my makeup done for my billboard shoot with Micmac Mall (still can’t believe that happened) the girl doing my makeup at Sephora was rather perturbed when I mentioned I used my fingers to apply my foundation.  So with her adamant advice decided to enlist the assistance of a foundation brush. As seen above with an angled eyebrow brush (270) the foundation brush (106 straight) I’ve been using is actually really nice, and I do have to say I do like the finish it leaves. 

In addition to the foundation stick (which I love for winter because it’s a little more moisturizing than the foundation) I also test drove the aqua brow eyebrow gel. Now I will tell you it does take some getting used to if you ordinarily use a pencil, but it is okay once you get going, and the color does last all day. I do kind of wish the color was slightly less red, as I think my eyebrows are a little more taupey (not a word) that most lighter brunettes. 

The false lashes are also a lot of fun makeup forever just launched a full new line of false lashes that range anywhere from everyday to extraordinary and they look like a lot fun!  

Makeup forever products can be found at or online at Sephora

The Pinkprint Fragrance by Nicki Minaj ($40)
Named after her latest album and tour, The Pink Print is Nicki Minaj’s latest fragrance. The fragrance “opens with a fresh mixture that includes bergamot, pink grapefruit and
passion fruit. The heart is composed of nectarine, frangipani, orange
blossom, heliotrope and roses. Coconut, driftwood accord, sandalwood,
patchouli and skin musk end the composition”. 

Very much a summery fragrance this is one you grab your beach bum friend who’s missing the surf or anyone who likes to sip pina coladas. And its for sure a fragrance that stays around for a while. Even after laundering a shirt I still could smell the fragrance in the shirt during my dance class. 

I also have to give the girl props for the bottle it definitely stands out (as it should), and it’s definitely iconic. I guess the wigs for the bottle come in all different colors.

The Pinkprint Fragrance by Nicki Minaj is available at most drug stores, as well as walmart.

Elizabeth Arden Moisturizing
Lipstick with matte finishes in Barley There, Pink Pucker,
Nude, Rose Petal, Bold Red $32.00

from the listick tubes reminding me of the Tardis from Dr. Who (which I
think is amazing) I adore these matte lipsticks. I’ve been wearing the
raspberry one (not featured here) for the past few months, and I just
love how it feels, and how long it stays on. 

the holidays you really need a roster of lipcolors to get you through
all the events. Every girl should have a great nude, a bold red, and at
least one pinkish color for day! These three colors will take you from
morning to night with minimal touch ups! 
Love love these lipcolors, and I am totally obsessed with the nude! I can’t stop wearing it which is weird because I hate nudes. It’s like the perfect hydrid of a nude with a touch of pink. I would highly recommend. 

Elizabeth Arden Moisturizing
Lipstick is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as The Bay.


Trystal Minerals with Kabuki Brush $68.00

a girl on your list that lovvvvvvvves a good glow? Might I suggest the
Trystal Minerals from Vita Liberata? It’s self tanning minerals
gradually tan the skin (and stays for up to 5 days) while also offering
up a great instant glow of a bronzer! 

realize that this price tag might seem a little high, but I promise you
only need a small amount, and therefore it will last a lot longer than
you’d expect, and it’s a pretty amazing product! See below. 

“This self-tanner offers pure mineral coverage, instant
bronzing, and a subtle lasting tan. The natural bronzed effect suits all
skintones and can be used to contour or provide allover glow. The tan
deepens over a four- to eight-hour period, can be gradually built with
regular use, and lasts up to five days. Apply using the included kabuki
brush for perfectly blended, healthy-looking skin”.  

This product is also vegan and cruelty-free, and does not contain gluten or
oil. It has won numerous industry awards including a Cosmopolitan Beauty
Award, OK! Beauty Award, and Shape Beauty Award. 

Trystal Minerals with Kabuki Brush is available at Sephora 

Noir Holiday Set $ 125.00

love a good holiday set especially a Juicy Couture fragrance holiday
set! There are a number of different ones available, but this Viva Noir
includes the Viva La Juicy Noir EDP Spray 100ml and the Viva
La Juicy and Viva La Juicy Noir Dual Rollerball 10ml $125.00. Again you
could purchase the set and gift it to one individual friend, or you
could purchase it and diffy it up gifiting the rollerball to another. 

rollerball is great for travel because it not only meet regulations for
liquid you also get two fragrances in one, and us girls like to have
our choices. 

And for fun I had to mention this limited edition gold dust shimmer spray (4795) I mean whole doesn‘t like a little extra sparkle around the holidays? It also comes in a rose gold which in hind sight I should have got that too. 

So that’s a pretty big list I must admit, but you can pick and choose what works for your beauty junkie. The above are just some ideas, and some new products that are out in case you want to give them a go. 

Hope you found this helpful, and happy holiday shopping! Stay tuned for more gift guides coming your way this week. 
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