If you caught the Short Presents X CBC Maritime Noon post, and the 7 Trends to Try This Fall, you likely already know about some of this fall’s hottest fashion trends. Fringe is all the rage, and the ’70s are unapologetically back—and they’re bringing flares and suede jackets with them.

But the hot 70s trends for fall don’t stop with bell bottoms. There are plenty of amazing accessories for autumn that deserve a nod too. Here’s a peek at some additions you can make to your wardrobe this season to really make it pop.

J.W ANDERSON via Harper’s Bazaar

The ’70s might have a hold on casual wear this season, but according to Harper’s Bazaar, the ’80s own formal wear—specifically, formal jewelry.
Writer Kerry Pieri said, “The high drama and deco that defined the 1980s downtown art scene in Manhattan has found its way onto the lobes, necks and wrists of Fall 2015’s models—think bigger is better and shapes, amorphous.”
Popular pieces include geodes and large, abstract shapes. The earrings are so big they might touch your shoulders, but feel free to tone them down a bit for everyday.

ASOS via Lyst
Even if you have to go back to school, that doesn’t mean your accessories have to look the part. Backpacks have come a long way in the world of fashion. This season’s trends are simple in design, but have fun and exciting prints and pattern. This is evident at Lyst, where you can see bags that you’d probably guess were normal purses, like the DKNY Pebble Backpack and the FiFi Backpack in black. And they come complete with side fringe for that added 70s flare. 
These bags won’t make you feel like you’re heading to class, because they’re really just a more comfortable way to wear you purse (yay for two straps and equal weight distribution). Finally fashion has caught up with function, and any trend that makes it easier for me to carry more stuff around is a-okay with me!

Photo c/o Outfit Trends
It’s true that fall is the start of boot season (YAY). But if you can find it in your heart to let in another shoe style, please make it a pair of slip-ons.
Really they’re called loafers, but that just doesn’t do the new style justice. Today’s loafers for women are cute, feminine, and extremely comfortable. They’re also really versatile, so you can wear them with a pair of shorts, a dress, and eventually a pair of jeans as the weather gets cooler. Outfit Trends even found a cute way to pair them with sweatpants.
With unlimited outfit options, they might just be your new go-to fall shoe!
You probably don’t need another excuse to go shopping, but if you want to take advantage of these trends, you better get moving! Updates from fashion week are flooding the media. You’ll want to snag these runway looks before all your friends get the same idea.

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*Special thanks to Lyst for sponsoring and collaborating on this post.

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