There’s something about wearing red lipsticks that instantly makes me feel dressed up, and put together, but it’s maintaining it that’s the trouble.  Here are three of my tried and true products that I use to get the perfect red lip (and keep it).  Oh and did I mention each product is all under $10?

Like anything you need a good foundation to build upon, so you’re going to want to make sure your lips are nice and soft. I love the bubble gum lip scrub from Lush, not only does it taste great (yes you can eat it) it works wonders, and doesn’t dry out my lips in the process.  Read more here > Lush.com
Before you make a run for the hills when I say “liner” I don’t mean the kind from the 90s like J-Lo liner (exhibit A). We’re talking seamless application, and waterproof coverage liner. I never used to use liners either until I got one of the Stay Sharp Annabelle waterproof liners in a press kit, and I instantly fell in love. 
I have really small lips, and some would probably argue that I shouldn’t wear a red lip because it’s only going to draw more attention to that fact, but I say screw em. I love red lipstick, and I don’t care about that. 
For application I start at the outer edges bringing the product inward as to avoid a Kylie Jenner situation. , and slowly bring the liner in further.  Let’s be real, I pretty much cover my entire lips with liner just for the sake of blending it properly. 
As I mentioned I love these liners the “Glam red” is actually the perfect match for my favorite lipstick, and it really does have some long wear! I also love that it’s self sharpening, so I don’t need to remember to bring a pencil sharpener with me when I travvvvvvvel. Want to learn more about this product? Or where you can purchase it (available at most drug stores)? Check them out at >> Annabelle.com
I am OBSESSED with the creamy matte lipsticks from Maybelline, and I adore the “siren in scarlet” to the point that I’ve recently been thinking I should stock up in case they decide to make any rash decisions.  It’s pretty much the only red I wear, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been complimented or asked about my red lipstick. And it’s funny because it’s SO affordable 🙂 I love that.  Here’s more info, and additional shades > Maybelline.com
For application I apply a good solid coat of the lipstick (over the liner yes girl), and then I blot with a tissue, and re-apply again, and blot again, and then re-apply. You can also take a tissue, and pull it apart so it’s a super fine sheet, and then using a translucent powder and a fluffy brush you can apply it over your lips, and this will create a “tattoo” affect for your lipcolor. It also looks super matte (I love it).  
And that’s it you’re good to go 🙂 I might have made it sound more complicated, but really all you need to do is use the scrub, apply the liner (stay inside the lines), and then finish with your lipstick, and blot! You’re ready.

Many thanks to Denis Duquette for the snap above, and Tim Lingley for assisting! Stay tuned for more images from that shoot coming soon. 

Hope you found this post helpful. And stay tuned next time when I test out a root concealer for my gray hair (wish me luck).


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