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Fashion Friday is coming to you today in the form of a question: 
How can a shoe store have no use for a shoe?
Monday was a holiday here in the city, and I started the week off on the right foot with some shopping. I’m on the hunt for an all purpose sandal, my only qualifications is that it be comfortable, and chic; easier said than done people.

I set foot to the streets, starting with Spring Garden I popped into Park Lane. I stepped into a shoe store in search of a Birkenstock that fits. I used to think that Birkenstock’s were for grandmothers, and protesters, but they’ve come along way. Transforming into bright and colorful flip flop styles with patent leather buckles; I actually kind of love them. Unfortunately for someone like me (pencil foot) it’s very difficult for these sandals to fit my slender feet. 

After convincing the sale’s associate that the shoes were in fact too large considering I could fit my entire finger next to my foot and still have room, she then tells me they are available in a narrow width. Overcome with joy I immediately light up and pump her for further details. I am then informed that I would have to buy sed shoe prior to ordering, and wait for it to come in about a week or two. I’m seeking the shoe to wear while exploring New York City in a couple of weeks, so I have no time to wait; besides, I’m a little apprehensive about purchasing a shoe I’ve never tried on. My reluctance must have been visible, as she assures me that I’d have to pay for it because they “would have no use for the shoe”. How does a shoe store not have any use for a shoe? Am I the only narrow footed soul on the planet? somehow seems doubtful. 

I’m in love with the black patent leather madrid seen above, but I also love: 

Comfortable and chic! Birkenstock’s for the win. Park Lane shopping you lose!

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  • Reply Anonymous May 27, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Try Kick Ass shoes or softmoc in the mall (they both have birks too-and are probably less crazy…I know the store you mean and I DISLIKE it)

  • Reply Anonymous May 27, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Try ONLINE! I bought my white, thong Birks for next to nothing! http://www.getoutsideshoes.com

  • Reply short presents May 27, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    Wow! thanks! this is very helpful.

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