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If you swapped your regular foundation for a BB cream or tinted foundation for summer Makeup Forever’s Ultra Foundation is the perfect transition back to light weight full coverage, and bonus it looks completely invisible to the naked eye and under Ultra HD cameras!

I’ve been using this foundation for the past week or so, and fully incorporated it into my daily routine, and I’m happy to say that I’m hooked. I lovvvvved the previous HD foundation, but I found that the shade closest to my skin tone (warm) was a bit too pink for me, and so although I loved the feel of the product it didn’t match me 100%. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Makeup Forever added a boat load of warm tones to the collection! YAY!!!!
When you’re trying to get out the door you really don’t have time to furiously rub your foundation in, and all that tugging is not doing anyone any favors (we wanna prolong the wrinkles am I right?). I loved how seamless the application was, and how flawlessly it covered. If you’re in sephora anytime soon pop in and just rub the product on the back of your hand it’s really light, and blends effortlessly, and with all the new shades you’re bound to find the perfect match. 
MAKE UP FOR EVER truly is leading the beauty industry into the next era of makeup innovation and technology. As the original pioneer of the HD makeup category, MAKE UP FOR EVER is continuing to redefine and elevate beauty standards with the launch of its new ULTRA HD FOUNDATION, the first and only foundation designed for 4K technology. 
With 4K technology, the next generation of digital devices will display images with unbelievable detail, stunning clarity, and heightened color than existing HD technology (yikesville for imperfections and us girls with blemishes). Completely invisible under the latest, ultra-magnified resolution, these innovative foundation formulas look natural on camera – and to the naked eye. YAY! How cool is that?

To keep complexions flawless at any resolution, MAKE UP FOR EVER developed ULTRA HD FOUNDATION’s revolutionary 4K Complex. This innovative formula is enhanced with:

Amino Acid Coated Pigments—reflective particles that blur flaws and provide translucent, invisible coverage
Hyaluronic Spheres—hydrate and plump the skin for a longer, more comfortable wear
Sericite—a fine grained mica that adds light reflecting properties to create a radiant and luminous effect, mimicking the vibrancy of naturally beautiful skin.
Truth be told I’ve test driven a lot of products, and I’m happy to give
you my honest opinion about each and every one of them 🙂 I don’t bother wasting your time bad
mouthing products or companies that I don’t like or had negative experiences with using, as I prefer to handle that privately so
the company can choose to rectify that themselves by their own
volition.  That being said you might notice that you see a lot of Makeup
Forever reviews on the blog, but I just want you to know that I love my
partnership with Makeup Forever, and I just love their innovative
approach to beauty products. So as long as they keep making awesome products you’re going to see them here! 
Hope you found this review helpful
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